Thursday, January 26, 2023


 Niece took this picture couple days ago... was a really hard frost.

I took this today on the way back from Bend, on a fruitless trip, person i went to see was not home. but house sitting in Redmond!! Then i forgot to leave a Stampin Up order at front desk of another person.. but it was a nice drive.

Have been going back n forth to Bend as sister-in-law was in hospital, had a BAD infection in her legs and almost was at Death's door... had she sat on the couch for another couple of days..... but she is now on the mend and in a rehab facility in Madras..

 Finis loves looking out the window... What goes on out there, i don't know, i can't see what it is...  The trip to Bend was also a training trip, to see how he did in the car...Had to stop once and hook him up to the seat belt attachment as he wasn't staying in his seat.  Also going thru Starbuck's ...  he has to gain some patience while waiting in line b4 we get up to the window... geez... barking does NOT make the line faster..

Today was a nice day, so went out and finally got ALL the plants cut back and cleaned up that are next to the road.  boy have we got a load in the back of the pick-up!!  And almost worked up a sweat.  I mean it was really nice out....

Well, that's it... AND the days ARE getting longer....

Oh and we are only getting mail about every 3 days... appears Redmond PO is really short handed.. where did all the people go?

Take Care All and God Bless

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