Thursday, January 19, 2023


 Fini likes sitting up here and looking out the window.. not much happens out there tho to keep his attention! But he keeps trying...

And when he sleeps it is all out and dead to the world!! Training is ongoing and i catch him most of the time b4 he actually looks for a place to pee... am getting pretty good at recognizing his 'tell' BUT don't know if he connects that he is to do that outside ALL the time and he needs to tell me when he has the urge.  ONE time he actually went to the door, i let him out, he went, and the did his jobs.... it was an exciting day!!  He seems to be getting darker in color and nose and body getting longer.  He grazes his food.... a swallow here and there , not very often does he just stand there and finish the bowl.. except when i put one down that has scraps in it.... thinks that is an exciting thing...  try not to give him bites from the hand. sometimes it is just so cute tho.... no-no- to me.....

He is doing really well in the car and staying in his seat and waiting for me... does not bark and carry on, just sits or lays down and sleeps... Is starting to get excited if i get my things together to go somewhere.. or put on his sweater or harness.... knows we are going to GO!!

So life goes on...

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Love the update on Finn. Those dachshunds ca be stubborn about house training.