Monday, January 9, 2023




Got a new booster seat for the car, and when i opened the box and put it all together, he jumped right in.  Had a fancy, fluffy one, but he was not happy in it.  He is alot more aware of his surroundings than Luci was. She was content to just lay there and ride along, sleeping.  He is up and peering out the window, jumping up to rest paws on window sill to see out, so this was the thing to get, so he could see out when we travel... at first he whined, but quickly got used to it and just sat up and enjoyed the view!!

Here we are in Starbucks line, this is a training in progress event... he really gets himself worked up and have to continually tap his nose or hold his mouth saying NO!!! to the barking and whining... it is pretty pathetic

Yesterday, this was his favorite toy,  it has a LOUD squeaker!!!  He killed a reindeer, tore the squeaker and casing right out and tossed the skin of the toy around all day yesterday....  he, so far.... has not gotten into things he is not supposed to. Once in a while will grab a shoe or slipper and take off racing with it, but normally sticks to his toys.  And is not an underwear eater, so far....  BUT we do take great care to keep our clothes picked up, was well trained by Luci on that score  :)

Is getting better on the potty training and quite often will hit the pee pad or get close to the back door.. which is much appreciated!!!  Does let me sleep (most of the time) or get back to sleep when he gets me up to potty at 4-5am and 7-8am...  eats good....  So things are going along swimmingly.. and he is so darn cute! and is a cuddle bug for sure... Loves when Brian and Robin come home...

43 degrees here and sunny.... the ground has been wet since 1st of Dec. (darn!!! i should have gotten some flowers seed in this Fall).. had some wind the last couple days, but nothing too horrible like in Calif....

Making plans for beach time.... have 3 trips planned so far... to Seaside with Niece for a grade school basketball tournament .. but just riding along for the trip (leaving Finn with Brian) then Spring Break in Lincoln City for the Glass drop on the beach ( the local glass shops make glass floats and litter them on the beach for people to find!!)  then Rockaway in Sept w/Brian n Robin.... so have things to look forward to. and plans to make.... FUN....

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. Finn is such a cutie and is making great progress. Keep up the good work Finn. Sounds like some adventures ahead.

  2. Busy travel year to the coast! Loved our stay at Rockaway beach.

  3. Sounds like a pretty good puppy to me and a fast learner.