Wednesday, February 1, 2023

a day


Made some cards today from some new sets i got ..  was busy makes bees and fireflys...  I have SO much paper and have NO need for anything new, BUT i just can't resist, am a sucker for flowers, bees/dragonflys, trees... and looking for honeycomb embossing folders and found 3!!! different sizes.. and 2 dies for honeycombs small and larger.... so think i really don't need to have more of those and now have 3 sets that have bees in them.. that enough....  i need to get rid of some of the stuff that really no longer use, but can't figure out how to go about that... be nice if i knew some one that wanted LOTS of stamps and whatnot...oh well. am not overwhelmed yet, but close to it... with my new shelving tho.. i am alot more organized.. just have to remember where i stashed things... looked all over for some new paper, and there really are only so many places.. i did finally find it, whew.... the angst.... when i make cards i usually make two of the same thing, so i have one to save or just to use up the paper and not have bits here and there, cuz, u know, u might need that little piece later for something....

Took cans to recycle, normally go to  Brightside Animal shelter, this time took to the senior center for their meals on wheels program... Brian n Robin drink alot of pop... and i can't stand them sitting about when they can be used for good somewhere... grocery, out of bananas and oranges... am in the habit of having banana in the morning and orange at night...sometimes, depending on the day a banana is all i will have until dinner...... i know, i know

Oh.... u know Finn is really pretty good about me working on the cards or sewing, he got up in Brians chair and slept on his coats.... ha.... he is jumping up on the couch and chairs... i don't really care if he is up there, he hardly sheds and is never outside long enough to get dirty... so. the only drawback is  the jumping issue and how it affects his back... but boy he has rabbits legs and can jump high,  have to get things up out of his reach..  but he entertains himself when i am busy, just watch him off and on to make sure he does not have to go outside.. and i am sitting right by the back door and he has come a couple times to be let out.. that is a step in the right direction...  most,  most of the time he is a sweet dog...

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Your cards are so cute. Quite the talent you have. Finn seems to be growing up. Good thing he doesn't want your lap when you're working on cards.

  2. You need to add a photo of Finn on your sidebar! Please.

  3. The cards are lovely! Glad Finn is making himself at home and using the outdoors for a bathroom!

  4. Let him jump. My 70# basset hound Henry has to "rare back" to get momentum to jump on the couch. All of my basset hounds have jumped on the couch over the years and only one had back trouble but from an accident. I love your new dog.