Wednesday, February 15, 2023


 Went to Starbucks today after wax appt... He got very upset that i was leaving him in the car, BUT he stopped after i walked away. He was sitting up watching the door when i walked out.. He is such a bugger, had to throw him in the kennel for a time out last night, he just gets wild b4 bedtime, jumping and biting my hands.. BUT he did whine wanting outside this morning after he jumped out of bed... can. not. keep him from jumping, he is just so fast. so i think he is getting better about going outside, but i am with him ALL the time and can catch when he needs to go out... which is a good thing, he knows when he needs to go out.  We go out a number of times a day and walk about and he runs and runs and runs, exuberant excess.. he just needs to learn what is his and what is mine and NOT his to chew up... hahaha  He is very sweet and loving too.... just a hazard waiting to happen.. :)

It was a bright sunny day after a dump of snow in the mtns. we got some big blowing wind making the snow go sideways, it stuck for a couple hours, then melted. Guess they got about 8" in Sisters.. so glad i am not there...

Three Sisters

Mt Jefferson

It was so clear you could even see Mt Hood!!

Mt Hood got 12" total 112"

Mt Bachelor got 14" in last 7 days total 82"

You can see they are all white... with very little rocks showing.... that's what we want to see, lots up there, not much here... most of the time it skips right over us... leaving the desert

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Nice photos of the mountains. I'm like you, glad that snow is up there and not down here.