Monday, February 27, 2023


 The 5th grade basketball team from Sisters went to Seaside for a tournament and i tagged along, so i could go to the beach.. Our girl is #32 she is a goer, up and down that court like crazy and dribbles with both hands!.. they play two 20 min quarters and two games a day.  they won one... but they fought all the way and did really good.  Rylie got an elbow in the upper arm and has a huge bruise and a scratch on the face.  war wounds...

in between and before and after we walked on Seasides unremarkable beach, JeriMay found one little periwinkle.. lots of broken sand dollars... no rocks, outcroppings, agates...  went to Broadway and the girls went on all the rides and played those arcade games, ate woodfired pizza... found a cool store where you could pick your own sweatshirt, size, color and what was on front... it was cool...

 1st nite had a great sunset... and overall the weather was good, Saturday there was not even any wind!! But Saturday night it rained all night and windy, then Sunday was windy and bitter cold!!

Guy doing bubbles for tips.. they were great

Here we are starting out.. their car sits LOTS of people has 3 seats, heated seats and all the bells and whistles..

Roads were sorta bad, not bad... only so far, the Coastal Range, surprisingly was worse than the Cascades... but zipped right along.. slowly at times..

Isn't this the cutest.?.. Kevin drives really well and JeriMay is so organized, nothing is left or needed, she has it all..

The way back was awful and took us 6 hours to get home. The Santiam over the Cascades was snowing heavily, the plows had not gone thru, gravel was not down.. and there was a long line of people going back home. We came to a wreck, people had been parked for hours... there were spaces in the snow on the road where the cars had sat waiting.  then there was a pick up in front of us, little 2 wheel drive and he was all over the road... THEN there was a freight truck crossways in the road, against the guardrail, he had just gotten his chains on tho and was ready to go, but on coming traffic and our little line of 6 was in the way, including the little pick up which slid and ran into the guardrail, had backed himself away from it.. and was getting straight, we went around him  as did the other cars as the truck driver was wildly gestering for us to go-go.. then it was decided to put on chains, which they did after MUCH discussion, then the chains were to long or loose and no way to tighten them any more, so took them off, and made it over just fine.. but geez it went on forever, but i was nice and cozy in my seat warmer!!!!

We all had a good time, but seemed like we were eating all the time and then sitting watching those games. But it was fun and i had a week end away from Finn!!! He was crazy when i got home and has not left my side. Guess he is not letting me out of his sight again!

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Stunning sunset photo! Kind of weird to drive through snow in order to get to the beach. We are fortunate that Oregon has it all.