Tuesday, March 28, 2023


 It is still cold n crap outside, here was even snow out last nite, but all gone this morning.  Have a weather alert for tonight thru tomorrow for snow. fin goes out n do the bare minimum then jumps on the screen door wanting IN... Tulips are about 4" up and daffies are also up about 2".. grass still brown.. it is the spring doldrums.. waiting, waiting, waiting.... Windy.. Went to Bend yesterday as needed to get 'something' for a memorial in May and of course nothing i have will 'do'.  the J Jill catalog came yesterday so.. had to go to the store and see what they had and what i liked.. was successful... so there is that. 

 my SIL is still in the hospital from January 12th.. YES... can u believe?  she is still really sick, but getting better and can stand for short periods of time.. her daughter is still working on her house. I have taken myself out of the mix as have been diagnosed with a minor lung prob, but don't want to exacerbate.... I am just hoping and praying that things look up for her soon...

Take Care all and God Bless


  1. We finally had a decent day here in AZ. Lots of warmth and sunshine. I'm so sorry about your sister. Praying she gets better soon and can escape that place.

  2. So sorry abut your sister in law. Weather here is crazy. Spring is here but with a roar!