Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 He provides so much fodder  for a blog!!  Today he decided to start eating the tulip petals!! but only the red ones!! and Iris leaves... prob becuz they have not bloomed yet... and come to find out, from an alert friend.... tulips are poisonous!!!  and the little fart, goes out there every time to get one.. so have to watch him now like a hawk when he goes out.. little snot

i do have to say tho that he is really doing well in the potty training.. whines when he wants out or just stands by the door.. so i need to be aware of where he is all the time... so i catch him, can't remember the last time he had an 'accident' and even took up the potty pads... and brian has been walking him and he is heeling really well...

just have to be sure toilet paper is well up out of his reach or the door to bathroom shut!!! Cuz, boy howdy does he ever make a mess.

He follows me around, always on my heels or has his eye on me, so i mostly do know where he is, 'cept those times he goes off the rails to get into something.  can open a door that is not all the way latched. Just fits his little paw in the crack, just so and pop, it opens for him and he is on the way... soooo have to make sure doors are completely closed. And he is a little lovey bug, loves to snuggle ('cept when he has his mind set on something, anything else, and once set he is determined to do what he set out to do.) so, yes, one could say he is stubborn... and he adores Robin and Brian and the highlight of his day is when they come home. He sleeps in Brians chair, mostly on one of his jackets or sweatshirts. and he does not like being left alone.. but eventually does stop barking.. when i come back home he is not barking. and i have yet to figure out how to take him out when i am working in the front yard and keep him in the yard. Think i will get a stake and long rope.. then he will be out, can see me, and will be secure..

Take Care All and God Bless

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