Saturday, May 13, 2023


 Well, it is going well. Finn had his 'little' surgery Tuesday and it has been impossible to keep him down. and i have had to be pretty inventive to get the pills down him.  He still just jumps all over the place! He is part rabbit. Luci never jumped anywhere. would sit and whine until you picked her up plopped her where she wanted to go.  Finn not so much at all!!! and 'down there' looks good... i did take the ring off for a bit yesterday and he started licking, so it went back on, supposed to be on for a week, sooooo......

Still eats my flower petals., so i get to see blooms for a very short time in the back yard... and he barks, oh my gosh.. all the time at anything... You can see him sitting there thinking, listening..

Am going to work in the yard today, got a stake and long lead that i put him on and he just goes bonkers when anyone goes by.. do you think he will eventually get used to people? Cars? planes? we do live relatively close to an airport... yeah, fun.

Nothing much else happening.  next week will be busy, getting ready for my little trip, hair, nails, pedi and then Thursday have shot in hip again.... :)


Mom's lentin rose... i thought it was a goner, looked horrid all winter and early spring not coming out of it, but now has new foliage and lots of blooms, so you never know..

the magnolia did well this year too, lots of blooms, i cut it back a bunch last Fall as i was mad at it for not  barely blooming and getting all scaggly  but bloomed well, so it will be around another year, a neighbor even came over and commented on it!

Take Care All


God Bless

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