Tuesday, April 9, 2024


 Oh my gosh, my blog was gone for awhile there!!! Trying to figure out why when i comment on someone else's blog, i am anonymous!!!  Why? and then trying to get my picture in that comment box and just. can. not. figure it out and in the process disabled the whole blog!!! Geez... getting caught in that vortex makes my stomach hurt and all queezy... what the heck anyway ?.. but... hopefully i am back...

and then Brian wanted to know if in spam there was some comment on some of the cards he had ordered on ebay (baseball/football) i don't like doing things with ebay.. and won't use that paypal at all as everytime i get hacked... and got some things there all messed up, it is better that i just. do. not look at anything in that spam folder at all, there are the weirdst things that appear, trying to get u to respond so they do bad things to your account.. so just deleted everything there.  it deletes itself after a period of time anyway and better to just not know what is going on o trying to be going on..

so, will try the blog one more time and see that things are still as should be....

and heres a little Spring from my yard... Take Care and God Bless

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