Saturday, April 13, 2024


 I am so very pleased with how my daffodils are doing,, have a line of them in the front by sidewalk and every year they fill in more and more.. this is a good year!

It is so gloomy outside.. wish it would just rain for pete's sake!!  we get sprinkles and that is about it.. Have been watching Shogun on Hulu. i quite like it.. Japanese is an Interesting culture.. Of course it is a movie, but still some of it must be based somewhat on fact..

But it has all the intrigue like all history and maneuvering for control, which is a story in itself, but not so interesting to watch sometimes and my mind just does  not grasp what a major point may be and mean for an outcome... just can't think that i way i guess, have the same thing with mystery stories or crime.. can never figure how they get to the conclusion they did, unless it is really spelled out for me... 

So i re- read the Shell Seekers and it was as good as i remember from the first time, back in the 80's, now on to a Lisa Jackson mystery Tell Me.... Going to make some choco chip cookies and continue on with Shogun.. ( as an aside, i just got Hulu, dropped some others i had, there seems to be alot on here that i want to see.  Watched They Were The Lucky Ones up until the episodes continue weekly.. that is one depressing show, about Jews in WWII and we all know that story....

Still using my electric blanket at night.. it is still COLD here at nite

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. I had to give up on Shogun. It was just too violent for me. If I want violence, I just watch the news. We are going to be in the mid 90s by next weekend. Oh joy!!