Friday, August 20, 2021


 The morning, smokey sun the other day.. when i got to Sisters, there was NO smoke.. strange how that works.. nature

these orchids are so pretty, here in the morning sun.. shinning thru

Wen to food cart Dreams.. for 'rolled' ice crean.. it was good! and cool watching him work his magic.. but it was REALLY creamy. like oil on your lips and tongue, not used to eating such cream!!! i had, banana, blueberry, coconut.. yummm

was in Bend catching up with all that i needed to do in there, Costco, dog food, deliver stampin up order, went to Hobby Lobby and they no longer (so it seems as i looked and looked) have the 12X12 plastic envelopes i use for my DSP paper.. what am i to do now, i just ask you??!!! it is soooo inconsiderate when businesses do this! WHEN I TOLD THEM THAT no i did NOT find what i was looking for, got no response, no help... geez... oh, well, maybe on line? J Jill to get a sweater i saw in the catalog... 1st thing i have bought all summer!

not much else, just samo, samo

take care all and God Bless


  1. Never heard of rolled ice cream. I'm not a big ice cream fan but I'm sure Jim will have to check this out someday. Sameo sameo here also.

  2. Ummm...deliver Stampin Up order????? Are you a Stampin Up demonstrator??? I just bought 159 bucks worth of stuff. If you are a demonstrator I will switch to you. My lady was in K Falls, moved to Portland somewhere and she doesn't do the nice home demos she used to do. I had no clue. Guess I need to be sure to read blogs more often. You are so great about commenting on mine. Let me know about the Stampin up thing. Wish I hadn't just ordered all that Christmas paper!

    1. I am... but it was just to save money, and have two others that i get things for. haven't figured out how to get the hostess code so things can go direct to them and not have it come here 1st.. and not ordering anymore until that little book is over as none of us like the 'free' stuff and they won't let u finish the order unless u order a freeby, so get things don't really want... don't think i am a very good demonstrator :)