Wednesday, September 22, 2021


 Been getting LOTS of tomatoes out of our little garden, plus the zucchini, only about 4 of them..and lemon cucumbers.. Niece gave me these starts from here little greenhouse and they have done really well.

Cleaned my oven, and have to admit it is a self cleaning oven, but there were parts around the sides and a little oven fire damage to clean up :)  and those darn racks... take some time, but the SOS pads work really well on them.

Have been taking one place at a time for a day and cleaning it out and then going on to something else another day...

Niece took this picture a couple days ago when we got SNOW up on the mtn... probably won't last for long but it sure is nice to see it and the hope is for much, much more..

Safeway is bursting out with FALL for sure, looks so nice and harvesty

Saw these guys out the other day, right downtown area brave little souls

Niece had photographer take family pictures at Smith Rocks and they turned out really, really well...

Take Care All and God Bless

Certainly not a good picture, but this was right downtown,  brave little guys to be so out and about in the middle of the day...


  1. A tip for cleaning oven racks: take them outside and spray with Easy Off oven cleaner. Then place the racks in a black trash bag and fold the opening down. Set the bag in the sun for a couple of hours and your will be shocked how easy they are to clean off with soapy water.

  2. With temps still in the 90s, my oven doesn't get used. Crockpot gets a real workout though. And the temps also don't feel like fall. So I really enjoyed your fall pictures. Beautiful family.