Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Day 7

 Walked across Arsenal Bridge 1.1 mile round trip.. across the Mississippi.. Lock and dam there.. was a really nice day, 85 scudding clouds, hardly humid... tonite the cicadas are out being noisy

the whole thing vibrates when cars are going across and u can see the river below thru the grating.. A kayaker in French costume was going thru the locks..  was wanting a train to go over too, that would hav been cool, have been on the bridge in a car when a train was rolling across too and it was weird.. but we did not get to experience that...

then this afternoon we spent at the Scott County Park, really a nice park, way the heck out of town, prob 10 miles distance, lots of camping spots, lots of play structures and lots of grass that was all perfect and  mowed..  

There was a huge pool and splash area and wading pool.. and three slides, the kids really had a great time..

we had 2 adults and 5 kids... 15, 12, 8, 4 and 10.. and i did not take or wear my suit, don't know why was not thinking, i guess i thought the other adult and i would sit and talk, but of course with little kids you need to be hands on, so i sat in the shade/ sun part of the time and read my book... hahaha,, was really not too warm, was just fine, but wish i had thought to take my suit and could get in the water too. stupid of me.. oh well....  geez...

here they are having a grand splashing time.. Patty stayed home and made us a great shrimp, spaghetti dish, with spinach in it, was yummy

Take Care all and God Bless

p.s. and got to go to the hardware store in Bettendorf and get another magnetic mailbox cover... with flowers and Hello on it.... :)

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