Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Day 8

 Went to the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley in Illinois (just across the river) It was SO hot, i did not do well, i am afraid and poor Patty took up the slack admirably

The kids appeared to have a great time. they drank lots of water

They even had a carousel

And a train ride that went around the perimeter. 

everyone likes riding on a train or a carousel

doesn't he look sad, a gibbons monkey, he was really long, arms and legs and then sat all in a huddle..

lots of things to sit on and climb on and places to run and jump and pet some of the tamer, domestic animals..

Did you know guinea pigs come from Argentina and Patagonia? Weird, huh?

There were lots of lovely flowers.. And it was hot... I just can't walk any distance, and was sweating..

It was like it was all about me and it should have been about the kids and them having fun, which i think they did.. did i mention it was hot?

the poor animals were just laying about, could barely lift their head, i am sure most of these animals are from Africa, hot countries, but they did not look terribly happy

I do really like the meercats.. and we had to wear masks when we went into a building.. and that was hot, was not really any ac in those building, but i only went in two of them, it is a small zoo, not alot of animals. and i don't do reptiles either, so did not go in that building, but was able to find benches in the shade, while poor Patty was ushering the children hither and yon, so very sorry Patty, it was HOT!!

We were there for about 3 1/2 hours... and it got hotter, did i mention it was hot.. i don't do sweat...

tomorrow we may have breakfast out, going over to the kids house for the afternoon, then a minor league baseball game at 6pm and a ferris wheel is in the works i do believe... of the adults i am the only one that will DO the ferris wheel, so may be going a number of times.... there will prob be a breeze, going round and round, and it will be evening, with the sun down? and not so... hot

Take Care all and God Bless

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