Thursday, August 11, 2022

Day 9

Big day! started with Breakfast in Fort Byron, Illinois where they have this GREAT bread, avocado toast!!Got two loafs for family, cinnamon and olive something, that was really good with just butter on it, very tasty!!

Then the morning with the children and Darah at her house,  they ran and screamed and played Mario Carts, and Uno and went to the church park, a block away, with a walkie/talkie.. came back all hot n sweaty.. no pics, but on the way there got pics of the lotus on the Mississippi.... love them


THEN we went to a Quad City River Bandits baseball game and they won 6-1.. everyone had a great time.

That is the Centennial Bridge in the background, over the Mississippi.  Had hot dogs, dip n dots, pop, water, peanuts, pretzel with cheese, rode on ferris wheel, and everything cost and you had to use your card, no cash... crazy... But it was fun...

and now the day is done...

Take Care and God Bless

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  1. One of those fantastic days when everyone collapses at the end.