Thursday, September 29, 2022


 Finally, finally finished and it looks good!  It is not the same width, so feels a little strange, but will get used to it, i am sure.. and think i need a little more of a backsplash... but not sure want to try to tackle that... ended costing WAY more than i planned, but doesn't it always?  AND the outside faucet works also, they ended up having to go under the house and replace the whole thing.. this is the 3rd time they have been out for that faucet and they told me last time that just replacing a washer prob would not work next time... so was prepared for that... and need to get those faucet covers for it too.. for the winter.  since there are no drawers, i had to rearrange things, and BOY did i get rid of old blankets, sheets and the like and then since i was going to Good Will, went thru my shoes and must have gotten rid of 30-40 pairs, ridiculous!!! and some of those i am SURE i would never wear again and did not even remember some of them, what a surprise!!! But not enough to keep them.  I am getting where i wear the same thing over and over and some of the 'things' lanquish in the closet at the bottom of the pile, seemingly forever

AND speaking of Winter... it sure did turn cold today, clear skies and windy

Now i am going to work on doing more shelves in my little craft place..

Take Care All and God Bless


  1. Looks really great. And getting the faucet outside fixed is a good idea with winter coming on. We aren't seeing winter temps here yet. Still in the 90s and I wish we'd get 80s. But I don't want winter temps. 30-40 pairs - my word girl. It was time to clear those out. So good for you.

  2. These projects always cost more...When I got new counter tops and sinks, no one told me th installation fee did not cover the cost of a plumber! It looks nice. I am still laughing at 40 pairs of shoes to give away. where on earth did you store them all!