Tuesday, May 30, 2023


 There's been a flurry of activity around here as our "Iowa Family" is stopping in for lunch on Wednesday on the way back home. and they are coming thru Redmond!!! for a visit!! And to see Rylie!! i am under no allusion that i am the draw, hahahaha...  been doing yard work, got the garden in, washed all the house outside walls, do that twice a year anyway, get all the dust and cobwebs down.(have siding) got 4 NEW adirandock (sp??) chairs, lemon lime color.. wonder if they glow in the dark.  have cleaned house to the nth degree.... had to clear off the table, how does that always have tons of stuff on it, it seems to be a 'drop' zone and then things just stay. after cleaning it, everything had a place to go, so what is the prob???  Baked cookies... and the bacon and hamburger for the baked beans, boiled eggs for hard boiled eggs and potato salad... Robin made a pasta salad and will do Quac tomorrow.. also there has  been many trips to the store for various items, that HAD to  have that normally don't have... paper plates, bowls, plastic forks, solo red cups... pop.. there is just alot going on. oh and had to clean the grill and get a briskit and Brian has already got it on... 

big doin's at our place i tell you

Finn is worried...

Took him today and got his nails clipped.. which takes a special trip to Bend (20 miles) as that is the only place i found that does a decent job, and will willingly and knowingly take a crazy thing.. and don't want to be taking to the vets just for that.. i already feel inadequate...  he slept all the way home after his ordeal and is still napping.. geez... doesn't take much to upset his little world...

Finn takes his little paw and can open doors that are not all the way closed!!!! even the one under the sink where the garbage can is.. had to get a child lock

Rhodies were all outside of Dirty Dogs... they were truly beautiful.. we don't normally have them over here, doing very well, but these were between buildings and well protected, not right out in the open..

Take Care All and God Bless

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  1. Maybe I should have someone come visit me so I'd have incentive to clean. But probably not. I'm doing better since I'm in the boot instead of the cast. But cleaning doesn't last too long. The Rhodies are gorgeous. Have fun with visitors and tell Finn he will survive the nail clipping.