Thursday, June 1, 2023

Good times

And a good time was had by ALL!! The briskit turned out great, the weather was good, could have been a tiny bit warmer, but not a determent.  We had lots of good food and conversations and it was beyond wonderful to see them and in my space, so they could see my house...  and to share

Love them all to the moon and back

Take Care and God Bless

oh and look at my face.  waiting for the camera to click or flash or something, only one not smiling, but it gives everyone something to talk about for ages to come.  who is the crabby one?


  1. That's a great picture. And I don't think you look grumpy at all. Contemplative yes, grumpy no. 😁

  2. I thought it was great photo and I know my family enjoyed the extra time with you. the honoary Gma, and the extended family! So glad the kids got to meet Brian.