Thursday, September 7, 2023

Deer n school

 These are the bad boys that eat my things that i would rather they NOT!!!  This is right in my front yard at about 1p.. i was coming home form WalMart and they did not move at all, had to get out of the car and advance half way across the yard b4 they hefted themselves up and trotted on down the road..

This is my niece and grand niece.. Rylie's 1st day of 6th grade.. she goes to Sisters school dist and this is the 2nd yr in jr high.. she plays soccer, basketball and softball... going to go to her 1st soccer game on Saturday...  boy things are sure different than when i was in grade school. we could never have worn shorts to school, only skirts, no jeans or pants and they had to be below the knee.. they made u kneel down and the bottom of the skirt had to hit the floor, if, not.. you were sent home... one girl wore a granny dress ( they were popular at the time) came to her ankles and that was not good enough either.. don't know what the objection to that was.. but geez really...

nothing else happening here, just putting the garden to bed and pulling out ALL of those sunflowers, which are now dead..... trying to get some water on things out there.. it is so dry.. and of course anything that has a bloom on it, like the mums, the afore mentioned culprits eat them!!!

Take care All and God Bless

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