Tuesday, October 17, 2023


 Mt Jefferson... not much doing these last few weeks.  Think i have had a form of the flu, then i fell, flat on my face. ruined my glasses and now have a huge knot n scar on my nose!!!  have been going to the chiropractor the last 2 weeks and that seems to help me.. my neck really got tweaked in the fall, as the back.. and i feel much better.. it is an ongoing process. But i think i have found a really good chiropractor.  SHE is really nice, kind.. explains everything that she is doing and why.  set up a treatment plan for the next few weeks/months that seems reasonable.  Just not something that goes on and on with no reason or result.. so am happy with that.. will see how medicare pays for this... Had to have a plumber in to take care of some leaks. then had to have the Monitor guy in for the heater as irt was not turning on and needed a tune up in any case and the ignitor was not doing its thing and needed a new one. getting new glasses.. have the chain saw in getting fixed as it would not start and have got to get some limbs cut down off those trees in the back.  have to borrow an extending ladder so brian can get on the roof and cleans off the limbs/leaves and crap that builds up over time... have leaf guards on the gutters so as least those should b ok.  Robin is cleaning up the leaves in back yard and i am cutting back flowers and grasses in the front. Brian got out of his cast and can now be of some help about  (don't know if i said or not, he broke ankle jumping off loading dock at work) he is finding he is not as young as he once was, not as bendy... hahaha  Finn is doing well.. just have to get him to STOP barking at people that pass by the car, like gas attendants or fellow shoppers.  he just gets so excitable.... Rylie doing well in her soccer and makes at least 2 or more goals each game...  We are headed into some more warm, fall days, then back to the 50's  OH!!!! saw the eclipse.. it was very cool, got my old glasses out from the one in 2021 or so.... saw the 'ring of fire' really good!! the light outside was weird but not as dark as the other one... but still darkish...

So i am hopeful that the rest of the month will be less of an outlay of money for repairs... what else can break.  things can't all go at one time!!! Take Care and God Bless  (Pray or Israel)

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