Tuesday, October 24, 2023

just things

 Along 'the back' way into east Bend someone has set this guy up on the subdivision wall.. last year it was a different guy.. think it is a fun thing to do and for us to see.  Seems this year there is all sorts of Halloween displays, LOTS of those blow up things: monsters, dragons, ghosts, witches, neighbor has a skeleton trying ti get out of his bushes.. I put in a purple porch light.  hahahaha... yep! that's it....

Finn's most favorite place to sit... it is the only place in the house where he can see out the window.. barks at everything he sees walk by!! Have a bird feeder attached to the window, so i can see them come to nibble... and he does not mind them.  but boy the guy at the end of the cul de sac... drives him crazy... or anybody and dog walking by..

Go #12!!! that's Rylie playing soccer.. she usually gets a couple scores per game, this one, not so much.. they were not having a good day.. she got in a couple good kicks tho!! that darn goalie tho...

got Finn a new harness and now he looks like the supervisor he is, when he is out with me or Brian in the yard!! Here he is keeping me stuck to my chair! 

Not much happening... Just Fall and now it is getting cold this week, even going to have LOTS of snow on those mtns so the weather guy says.. and normally he is right...  

ODOT says they are 90 million short, really? that much? and they are laying off and will not be plowing the mtn passes as often as they have in the past.. will only be able to manage once per day... wow, really... i am for sure not making any plans to go to the valley this winter, for sure.  they even went so far as to warn, to plan to be stuck in the snow and to have emergency provisions with you... as help would not be coming on any regular basis.. we have gotten so used to being taken of and just as per normal having the roads plowed continuously... its a new world out there.

Take Care All and God Bless

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