Friday, October 27, 2023

New Snow

 My niece took this picture a couple mornings ago.. snow starting to build up, up there.  this was alpenglow (i never get up that early to catch this light. It has gotten downright chilly here... Finn has a bed right smack in front of the heater... and he pulls it so it is directly in front of the blower

Lots of berries on the tree out front.. deer haven't been at it lately..

Have gotten lots done this week.  i lately have just let things pile up as 'things need to do' and then just forget them, or put it off for later..... ha!  have gotten most all my xmas cards done. got a bunch of Halloween cards, done and in the mail.  had fun doing those, did some fancy folds and used the new "Bones" die / stamp set.. made for some cute cards.. Got my new glasses... got the chainsaw back home all fixed.. been to the chiropractor twice a some more xmas shopping done... took newspaper to a friend who has a wood stove so she can start it up every morning. got my READ books into the car at least... to be seen if i ever remember to drop them of at senior center or to a friend who also likes to read. did some more yard work.. Got to Local Paws to get Finn's special bone he likes to chew on... Got gas!!! got 50cents off a gallon due to rewards for shopping at Safeway. Ordered stuff on line :) changed and washed bedding, gave Finn a bath.. AND he did really well... was surprised, maybe he likes the attention, he just stood with paws on the edge of the utility sink and let me wash and wash.  He gets stinky after awhile.. not really dirty, but stinky... we also went for a walk a couple of times this week. 

And that is about it... just really day to day stuff.. but things that need to be done..

Now it has gotten windy outside.

Take Care All and God Bless  ....    Prayers for Israel and Ukraine

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  1. Winter is coming. It's already arrived at my sister's in Montana. 12 inches of snow. Sure glad I'm here in AZ. Skittlez was our heat hog. Loved the fireplace. Day to day living is it.