Monday, October 30, 2023

the love bug

 Sits right in front of the blower.. BUT he takes off his sweater, goes in a room we are not in and comes out and it is off... sneaky little thing...

But look at that face!!! how could you ever refuse or get mad at him... he is such a love bug!

We spent a bunch of time outside yesterday, trying to pick up the last of the leaves... now i just have to get them i the truck and to the dump... that always seems such a chore... still have not gotten the  limbs cut down that i want to get rid of in the back yard...

OH!!! been watching the 100 on Netflix.. there are 7 seasons, i just discovered.. it is a dystopian thing, with space ships/travel, different groups of people that survived, lots of fighting (still) some romance, but not lots, more people trying to get along with themselves and others.. i am in the 3rd season and do enjoy watching it, that 1st season tho, i was up until 4:30am!! could not find a stopping place and was wide awake....

Take Care All and God Bless

The End


  1. Cutest butt ever. There is nothing like a doxie butt.

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