Thursday, November 16, 2023




Been making xmas cards and way overdid it.. I get to die cutting and punching and just keep on going until i am crazy.. maybe i will need this color or that, or 50 or 10 or 5000!!!  i mean, really..... did grateful cards. then went to post office and had to pay extra as they were 'lumpy' and would not get thru the fast moving machines that they put the mail thru that reads the zip, i guess... anyway... i bought a bunch of expensive stamps for the xmas cards, so the poor P.O. guy does not have to run each one thru, i had a sales receipt 10 feet long...!!!!

got most all the yard wok done and the leaves to the dump... the ones in the garden are just going to have to stay or get blown away.. am sure the neighbors just LOVE my trees......

 a bag of stuff that i have die cut for more cards

Here he is in his fav resting spot... can also keep an eye on the front yard and EVERYTHING that might pass by

Take Care All and God Bless

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