Wednesday, November 29, 2023




Get eggs from my niece, who lives in Sisters.  she has 6 hens... and look at what one of the new littles did!!! so cool. i am sure that means i get good luck.. huh!!!

they are really good laying hens, at one time she had 8 dozen eggs on hand.. we are now sharing with the neighbors...

Picture she sent me a couple days ago.. we are having frosty nights now and even had frozen fog for a couple days.. which was stellar in that Finn would NOT go outside, go to the door, look out and scurry back in front of the stove!!

We had a feast for sure, turkey on the smoker and a ham!!!  had a good time seeing everyone.

i paid $500 for a plumber to come out a couple weeks ago to fix about 4 different things that needed fixing.. and one of them the faucet in the kitchen, the handle kept falling of and wanted it to stay on, where it was supposed to be... well, yesterday it fell off in my hand... again.... am not happy... there is just a screw that holds it one, will try tightening myself.. but!!! should not have to... really.. for that amount everything should work and stay working, right?

Have got all my sewing done, and the box off to Iowa for the kids... have a stack of things in my bedroom that needs to get wrapped.  FINN has been getting into things and got a pair of socks and ate the heel out of one.. really??? i DO watch him, but he is so fast and sneaky... little turd. am wondering if he is going to leave the wrapped packages alone..

Brian got my outside lights up, we finally found the extension cord attachment we bought n used last year.. BUT for the life of me i can not find my Huge ornaments for the outside tree... and i mean they are huge, its not like they can be hid in a small place, it is a huge bag they are in!!

Been going to the chiropractor and my lower back does feel better.. and things are working better... a happy thing... and the insurance eventually pays for most of it.. going to have quite the mess figuring that all out for taxes... gave here, got back there sort of thing...

For those of you out there who might h a small incontinence issue, Everdries are the bomb...  too much info????  :)

We are heading into a winter storm this week end,  mtns are going to be hit good, but don't know if we get any moisture own here.. would be nice if we did.

Went to a little xmas mkt at Faith, Hope and Charity Vineyards Saturday. it was really nice, not alot of sellers there tho, but found a couple things... for gifts.. it is a really pretty place, great views of the mtns..  you could have had pizza and wine, but i was alone and felt 'funny' to sit there by myself.. enjoying.... but great views!!!

Take Care all and God Bless

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