Wednesday, January 24, 2024


 After spending a fretful 3 hours doing paper work... we are NOT getting ripped off by the oil company, they have not delivered since last March '23!! So, yes, the barrel was almost empty and  the bill was almost twice the normal. (being delivered twice a year) And no... the house payment is Not going up $180 per month!!! i just need to pay the difference between what they estimated i would need to cover ins and taxes and what actually happened and the monthly will stay the same.. (which is almost $200 BUT way less than what i originally thought it was going to work out being). Geez... and i have most all the paperwork for the taxes to be done.. why does PERS always wait until the very last minute to get those forms out... don't they just have to punch in a couple keys and those reports will just generate? i mean, really? it's not like they have to get all those figures together, it should be in there already


I am glad a grateful that today has gone by and problems were worked thru and solved, one step at a time.

Take Care and God Bless

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