Monday, February 19, 2024


 Here's our little tree. Brian's lights are still up! Have many birds as he keeps feeding them! We had snow again last night.  Have had snow all of February it seems, some little bit, some, lots... Brian keeps things shoveled really well. Gets up really early for UPS, then comes home about 10a and shovels, this morning there was ice underneath too, fun..

Today had to go to Bend for my Prolia shot, 1st time out of the house in 5 days... just laziness.. once you get out of the little streets and onto the hwy the road was practically bare.

This week end am house sitting in Sisters, they had LOTS of snow.. but once i get there, no moving about, just sitting with dogs/cats/chickens... have to trudge out to feed chickens and collect eggs.

Been reading "Just the Nicest Couple" and "Women" by Kristin Hannah( great book, really evokes the period of time in the 60's) watching TV.. Night Country: True Detective, One Day. the Holdovers, re-watched Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore.. sometimes those oldies just hit the spot... i just can't get into Game of Thrones.... have tried twice now, will keep at it here and there...  did finish Rebecca Yarros "Fourth Wing" and "Iron Flame" tho and thoroughly enjoyed them (both dragon books too) watching CNN for the meanderings and wondering of politics in the US and World, aghast and shuddering.

No puppies yet.. have not heard from them, did send a text asking for status... prob not even preggers yet...

its really warming up out there, just sitting here doing this and the driveway is bare and the street is all slushy.  I just find January and February the longest months, waiting on daylight, sunshine and warmth, brightness of green and popping up of color of crocus and tulip leaves... it is still all quiet and brown out there under the snow.  unlike September and October when you have the leaf change and u know you are losing time, daylight and heading into darkness and cold.  Boy do i sound sad.... do have a trip planned end of April to Eugene and then booking for fourth of July at the beach, so there are things to look forward to, it is just getting there. and then hate to see time go by too.. just have to find something to DO and then DO it.. not just sit and think about maybe doing.... :).... Many books to read, could so sewing, or crochet, have made some cards and planning a day for the ladies to some cards and new techniques..

So take are all and God Bless

P.S. remembered why i started this today... Amazon is not working, won't send me the OTP to verify login.. has me really pissed............................I mean, because what else is there in life but to look up random things and being able to order them from Amazon, then getting delivery in a day or two!!!!??

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  1. For some reason I cannot post a comment on your blog when I'm on my computer. So glad the phone works. I'm still glad I'm not in the snow and cold. I love all the sunshine. Some days technology just gets the best of me. But I love getting videos of my grandson. Have fun house sitting. Something different.