Tuesday, April 23, 2024


 How in the world does one get to be so old?  Only 3 years to 80... i just can't even go there, that seems so very impossible.. My lovely niece booked a sitting for me to get some tattoos that i have been wanting, so off to eugene, oregon we went!  It was a bright sunny day and it was like that ALL week-end.  she booked an abnb and it was a really great house, with stellar beds. i could have slept in it forever!! Had a great lunch at Morning Glory Cafe.. and wonderful dinner at The Gordon.. i had an ice berg lettuce wedge and gin n juice which was lovely.  BUT i was having one of my days where i just could not eat anything,  have those now and again, like everything just will not go down, then when it does it sits there and makes me uncomfortable.. which was sad as i could not do credit to the meal...

I had a little tiny heart with a paw print on my left index finger. and a single line drawing by Picasso of a dachsund on the inner right wrist and 5 bird silhouttes  above mom's initials on my right inner ankle... i had some numbing cream for the finger and it really worked.. was really worried that i would make a fool of myself and it would be horrid painful, BUT i survived and all is well.  almost all healed by now.  

Sunday we went to the Eugene Saturday market, which was fun.. very aromatic (if u know what i mean)  lots of tie-dye  and cross dressing.. i can't tell, really most all of the time... but it was very interesting to sit and watch the crowd passing by.  i had bites off other peoples mac n cheese, pizza.. and had Dairy Queen cheese curds, which are really good...!!!  we left about 3pm and home by 6p so not too bad. and the drive was lovely

We stopped here and took pictures.. always driving by this and never stopped!! so this time we did and got some good pics!

also stopped at Sahalie Falls to pee.. the vault toilet was awful!!! and i have never seen so much water going over in all the times i have stopped here.  There is also a GREAT walk around the back of these falls to the other side then down past another falls Kooshah or something like that and back up to these (right Patty? we did this one year when you came to visit)

So it was quite the fun filled week end and i am on to another year...( i do NOT want to complain as so many others do not get these years and i am not complaining, it just seems odd to me to be this old.. i think of my self as much, much younger with flowing brown hair and able to jump up and take off with ease, and then get a shock when i actually do get up to move and creak and groan... am lucky tho as do not have any great illness to have to deal with and thank my lucky stars and God for that)

Take care all and God Bless

p.s.  this is little Sade, now 8.7 oz!


  1. I'll be 77 in September but got my first tattoo at age 55 or 56. I now have several, including a ring tattoo (that was hubby's first and only tattoo). I have one more I'd like to get, inside my wrist. Not sure it will get done with my old skin, but I'd like to try.


  2. Yes, I do remember the falls and have a couple of photos of it. Glad you had a good adventure with family for your birthday!