Tuesday, April 30, 2024


 the Duckers were here yesterday!!! Always so great when thy show..  couple days ago i saw  a couple of other ducks and one had 4 babies, they were so very darn cute. little puff balls.. I just hope it was not our Duckers, as now there are no longer babies to be seen and we all know what that means.... nature is so darn hard. only got to 51 today and we had grapple.. yesterday it tried to snow off and on in Bend and they have 8 inches new snow on the passes. i mean, really??? Tomorrow is May 1st for heavens sake...

Things are all breaking out and blooming and trees are all different colors of green.. I did buy some pansies and set them out  couple weeks ago and they are still doing well. 

Have to make a costo run... new month and need vitamins and what not.. 

Can't remember what this is, quince? but it is doing really well this year/Spring, i trimmed it back lots last Fall as i was mad that it was taking over the sidewalk... so anger worked on this one.. haha

Stampin Up new catalog goes on line tomorrow and there is all sorts of tempting things!!! At some point i am going to have to STOP. surely i have enough to make the few cards i still can make to send to the few people that i know that are still alive. sad but agonizingly true.. but some of the papers and stamps/dies are so darn cute/pretty

Take Care and God Bless all

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  1. Love your ducks. Nature can be tough but survival is the law. You sound like my quilter friends. They just can't stop buying. 😁