Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Washington trip

 Saturday the 18th i drove to Goldendale to meet Sade.  She is the cutest, tiny thing.. at 1st she wasn't having it, being picked up by someone she did not know, but settled down pretty quick and i had to have Bailey, the mom, on my lap too.  she has been very protective of Sade.. when i put her in the puppy pen and left, mom was all over her, smelling and licking... it was cute..  the other puppy slept the whole time and did not fret that Sade was not with her...

The males smelled then left and laid down... not interested

It was a really beautiful day, lots of flowers and fairly warm, the next day it turned cold with wind..

Then i drove to Walla Walla, Washington to visit a friend.. He works in Veterans Outreach and does lots of volunteer work. We had dinner and lots of conversation and reminiscing about our common friend, Carol, who passed away in 2020.. is that right? has it been 4 years?

Let me tell you i had to hotel room from hell super 8 in Walla Walla... the bed was firm, the pillows were hard. a sheet and thin blanket.  and the shower did not work!!!  the bedside light would not turn off, took me until 11:30p to figure out i could just unplug the light. then it was cold. it was stuffy when i went in so turned on the air, then when i came back from dinner turned on the air.. then got too cold and took me until 5:30a to realize i could turn on the heat!!! really.. then i blame that on Carol, as she would have the air on until it was a meat locker in there, when i would complain, bitterly, she would throw me a sweater or a blanket, but under NO circumstances was i to TOUCH that thermostat...  once i turned on the heat, i slept soundly until 6:30a and became aware of the water situation... i just sponged and left.. left a note that there was NO water in shower. AND i have to get over my prior training. hahaha

But had a lovely drive home, went right through the middle of the state... to Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Long Creek, Kimberly, Spray, Mitchell, Prineville and home.. 5 1/2 hours... there were enough parks open with vault toilets that it all worked out :)  the way followed the North Fork of the John Day River

The area in Washington by Walla Walla is the beginning of the Palouse area, lots of wheat grown and the hills just roll and roll on.. and it really is beautiful in its way.

 Yesterday i went to the cemeteries in Redmond and Madras to clear around the headstones

 Take Care all and God Bless

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