Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cards 4 Xmas

 Just had a great time at the Thursday Christmas card class. Made all of these cute, cute cards. I especially like the multi fold ones and the different ways to do them.

This card has a 'new' process called
thumping' on the coloring.  You stamp the image,  then use different colored pens to 'thump' separate colors here and there on the stamp making the different colors here and there.  Then stamp the image. Used stickles to put the 'sparkle' on at the finish.

this uses a glassine window raised with foam adhesive strips to form a raised area that the sequins were poured into to make the sparkle behind Santa..

Halloween cards for al the 'littles' Had really fun making them and deciding how to get them all together. It is a really great punch!!

Lots o' cards and fun for all

Take Care and God Bless

Friday, October 21, 2016


Thursday I went to Culver to a Stampin Up 'thing' We made 6 cards!!  It was great.. and saw this pumpkin field on the way, so just had to stop and take some pics....

It is so close to Halloween, what in the world are they going to do with all of these???  Consensus with the ladies at stampin was for seed, but don't really know... There were sure a lot of them.
Card to the right is one of the ones that I made, cool huh?  and it is really easy to do, just need to have the cutting and scoring dimensions

Got hair cut later in the day back in Redmond. Bought some bird seed.  Those little birdies get rather loud when I go out there and there is NO food in their feeders, so try to keep them happy and full.

Leaves are weirdly staying on the trees, they are turning really yellow, but not all falling off as expected.  Mt Bachelor has 40 " of snow already.  Saying they are ramping up for opening on 22nd Nov.  Some years it is touch and go if they will get enough to even open then, but looks like this year there will be no problem, if the weather holds and does not get too warm up there!!!

Take Care All and God Bless

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Yes, I started the leaves... have filled a 50 gal recycle pick up bin and got 5 bags today.
Was a really slow start to the day, don't know what was wrong, but we all slept until 10a when the phone rang, don't know who it was, no message left.. BUT I did get to the leaves... we are to have rain tonight. Had wind and some sprinkles today when working in the yard, but nothing that sent me inside!  And worked in shirt sleeves. Brian was in Bend working and he said it rained on them all day!!  did not want all of those leaves on the ground and rain come. Also garbage tomorrow and needed to get the 'nuggets' picked up and in the garbage.. hate to have that stuff sitting in the backyard for days at a time, needs to be picked up!  Gets all soggy and the dogs step in it.  Carl spent most of the time out with me while I was out there, just layed by the door and supervised, hahahaha Now Luci, wanted inside after about 1/2 hour, that was enough for her.
Not much going on. Read the Perfect Horse about the Lipperzaner Horses of Austria, very readable.  Now reading Two By Two by Nicholas Sparks, probably turn it into another movie.... Spent time on the phone with insurance, doctors office and pharmacy trying to get prescription filled for newly diagnosed ulcer after EDG I had last week.  Spent spa days, got a facial after allergic reaction to  plant in my yard, euphorbia rigida or gopher plant... secrets a milky substance which I got on my hands then face, found out about it on google, pulled up most of that!!! With gloves on!! Got mani/pedi yesterday... so am all ready for whatever..... ??? BUT should IT happen, I am ready, HA!!
So nothing else...... day to day, week to week
Take Care All and God Bless... stay warm travel safe....

Thursday, October 6, 2016


That is all I did all day long......
Vacuum, laundry, bathroom, all the rugs in laundry. took garbage to street, raked leaves in the back yard.  BUT I did just sit in the sun out back with the dogs... they like me to be out there with them, matter of fact that is the only way they will stay out there for any length of time, is if I sit with them.  Watched the leaves fall, smelled the smells, felt the wind, felt the sun shining on me.  it was a nice day.
Carl is not doing very well. Took him for a bath yesterday and he had an episode in the car when I got him back in there afterwards. He peed on himself and would not jump up to put his front paws on the door ledge, was almost impossible to get him in the car without him helping in some way... not going to take him again, will just rub him down with a wash cloth if he gets dirty, hate to see him like that.. he does not walk very well, am sure it is strokes that he is having, small ones and it is affecting his mobility.  He is still eating well.  Poops are normal.... Brian wanted me to call the vet and find out what 'final costs' would be, I could not do it. Suppose one has to be prepared, but when faced with that, I could not do it, made me sad and I cried all day, when I sat down and stopped cleaning.... I will call them, but don't really think we are there yet.... so I can think on it, and ease myself to that place. No emergency yet...
Take Care All and God Bless

Friday, September 30, 2016


Today bunches of leaves fell, there has been some, here and there, not really enough to rake, but when mowed they got picked up, but, this, this is really the beginning!!!
 I love the smell of Autumn leaves, weird huh?  Things/feelings just roll over me at the smell.
 First day of hunting season tomorrow. We would be feverishly getting ready for the trip 'over the mountain' waiting for Dad to get off work and we would all fall into the car. Which Mom would have all made up into a huge bed in the back for all of us kids (3) and we would make the long trip from West of Portland to Redmond area (only about a 2 1/2 hour drive now) where my uncle lived and him and Dad and any other MALE friends would go out early in the morning.  Uncle Jerry would also make bunkers out of the hay stacks (bales of hay) with hollowed out centers and the 'guys' would bunk out there.  Mom and Auntie Thelma would be cooking up a storm for everyone  Kids would be running all over the place back and forth, in and out, doing what kids did.  they lived a mile off a main road on a ditch road, with no electricity or water for 8 years (they moved over here in in late 1947) no electricity or running water, Water was by cistern from the irrigation canal out front. they had  Outhouses, dirt roads, lots of cows and pigs, horses, chickens, dogs, cats (kitties) all over the place.  There were trucks parked all over the place, they had 140 acres and the trucks were mostly about the houses.  Old and new barns and ramshackle buildings everywhere, Irrigation ditches running through like little creeks, big old juniper trees to climb, Cousin Eric had tree houses here and there. It was always dusty and always had already started freezing at night.  It was kid heaven!!!
That road over Mt Hood was NOT like it is now.  It took forever, was long and windy and there was solid traffic all the way from Portland to Central Oregon.  Halfway there the road turned red as they paved with cinders.  You always knew when you made it, finally, to Central Oregon.
In the early 50's Grandma and Grandpa Larrance were already over there waiting for us kids to show up.  He was a part of the hunting party and she was a major force in the cooking.
Another Fall chore and I mean chore was picking up filberts (hazelnuts they are now called) we had 7 trees in our back yard and it was us kids job to get all of those nuts up and sorted.  The leaves of the trees are sticky and I always hated the feel of them and them sticking to your clothes and socks!
But the Fall hunting trips were the very best....
Good smells, lots of memories
Take care and God Bless... travel safely

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Fall on my street!

Even coming home in the dusk, it is bright on the street due to the beautiful yellow leaves at this time of year!!
My house is on left, can barely see it thru the tree, Bri's pick-up is sticking out..
Picture taken pointing East. This street is Umatilla Circle and going around the bend to the left is then 26th street

This is on 26th heading towards Umatilla circle going South... My mailbox is on the lower right.

 Mr Scarecrow is in my neighbor's yard. Isn't he a cutie...
Wreath on the right I got at an estate sale for $2!! Little blue berries on it... My front door... LOVE having a wreath on the door depicting the different seasons and time of the year.. or holiday.  Am getting quite the collection :)

This morning I awoke with a RED puffy face!!  oh NO!  what is wrong?  Last night my lips and tip of tongue were tingling.... face was red, really warm sort of tingly, swollen this morning.  I think what I did was- I was working in the yard and I cut back some of the plant that is just above and it released a white, milky substance, which I got on my hands.. I rinsed my hands in the garden hose and think this was not enough.. and touched my face, lips, nose --almost noon now and it is subsiding.  nurse friend said to get some Benadryl which I did. maybe that is helping, washed and rinsed face really well in the shower this morn (like I normally do not do??!!)  Ah well, think I have learned something, keep my darn hands out of my mouth or near my face, nose, eyes..... what in the world was I doing or even thinking?? This plant is sort of invasive and crops up all over the yard... and gets large and flops over into the yard or sidewalk in this case, so had to go.... But apparently needs to be handled with care...
  These are new house numbers that my brother and sister-in-law got me last Christmas, they were over the other day and said, "get those numbers out"  !! And they graciously adhered them to my house... Think they look really good!!!

Front of house.... Those trees behind the house are the bane of my existence!!! Always doing something disgusting, BUT they really shade back there and can't even imagine them not being there and how hot it would get in the back during the summer, BUT they will soon be dropping their leaves, then the work begins....  oh Joy!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall is a coming!!

Boy this week sure has changed as far as weather and the scenery, really looks like Fall is coming on strong, leaves turning, cold nights, not just cool, but downright cold. Yes, i am a weenie and the heat is on!!! The doglets LOVE laying in front of the heater and it is a stiff competition to see who wins the bed right in front.  Luci even took to laying right on the wood floor to get closer than Carl could, while he was in the bed, :)
 Have been doing clean-up in the yard.  the neighbors have been harvesting produce from their gardens, (they have a fence!! so they have produce) RV's are scurrying hither and yon on the blogs and can see them going South on Hwy 97....
It is a time of change and laying in for the Winter months to come.
Wal-Mart and other stores have Fall and Halloween things displaying, all the warmer colors of Fall in the burgundy (big color this year) golds, yellows, browns.. It is a beautiful time of the year...
Just went to the Fall/Winter Cabi roll out of the new styles and it was a beautiful collection... was hampered a bit/somewhat/alot by the costs of getting RV ready for sale and paying for those 6 new tires,  they were nice looking and all and made Bonnie put her best foot forward but did not really enhance my outlook at all!!! Or help my pocketbook or showcase my Fall wardrobe!! Hahahaha
Ah, well, this will pass too and things get better as time passes...
Have had my hearing aides for almost a week now, and have noticed all sorts of weirdness, but that is why he did not really fine tune them and have another apt the end of the week, to go in and complain and them 'fix' or fine tune things, hopefully, sounds like I am talking in a tunnel most of the time and can hear myself chew, very distracting and do NOT like that at all.... BUT when at the Cabi party with all the talking here and there, normally I would not be able to hear a thing, and I could hear most all conversations!!! Whether that is good or bad we shall see  :) but it is a big difference.  He said that some people just don't like all the sound coming at them and stop wearing them, hope I am not like that, I can even sit in my chair in the living room and hear if the water is boiling on the stove in the kitchen.  Well, I don't have that big a house!!!! BUT could not do that before, was continually jumping up to go check on things.... see if things were done or not, now I can hear, do you think everyone is like that?  wonder how long it has been this way?  Just gradually goes away and we don't notice.  AND the car, goodness, you can hear all manner of things going on!! Wind coming in the window, the tires on the pavement, the rattle in the back!!! Can hear Luci whining in the bedroom, in the past, that was only something Brian heard, no wonder he was mad and upset with her most all the time!!!  HA!!
Yesterday was nail day, today is hair day....
Take Care and God Bless