Thursday, December 8, 2016


WELL!!!! We have SNOW, have shoveled, with Brian's help 3x today! Just came down all day. Got some snow melt.  Had to go to post office again...., just go slow and give wide berth to everyone else.  Have a doc's appt tomorrow, but don't know that I will go, have to see what the nite brings. It is just really cold, cold, cold out there, and spend all my time trying to stay warm and cleaning up after the dogs, after they come in. They sure don't stay out there for very long and then only venture in the area that I have swept of the deeper stuff.  Yesterday the clouds parted briefly and could glimpse the Three Sisters and they were just beautiful, ALL white.  Pretty, pretty.. Mt Bachelor appears to be completely open and HooDoo opened too, Good for them, they have had a hard couple of years with no enough snow, or snow for only a week or so at a time, hope they are able to stay open and recoup from past years....
When going out, things were pretty slow and not many people out and about, lots of places were closed. Brian started 2 hours later than normal yesterday and today did not work at all.  They are working on building a park near a new development in Bend and have been cutting trees and limbs.
Hope everyone stays warm and safe!
Take Care and God Bless

Monday, December 5, 2016

My Last....

 OMG.... she is just driving me up the wall, round the bend (as if I am not already there) thru the woods, over the river, what ever you want to call it!!! She looks so sweet and unassuming, huh??? But she can just. be. unreasonable.  she wants out then stands there, has to be reminded what she is out there for, GO, GO POTT!! Geez.... Then demands to be in. right. now.  Not when u get done doing what you went to do. Might as well just stand right by the door and wait for her. Then she might want on the bed with you, but then jumps right down, and you KNOW that you will have to get up yet again to put her back on the bed, because, she WILL want back up. right. now.  And why is it that there are times, she will sit on the bed and cry and cry to be lifted down as she knows she should not jump, NO steps have never worked, will not use steps...
Why is everything. right. now.  And the incessant whining, if you do not do what she wants, whatever that might be.  How in the world did I make this?  and have no doubt I am sure that I did make this mess.  I am a bad mama, in that I just do what they want, because what else is there to do, her will is much, much, much stronger than mine. My nerve may be short but her wanting something is longer, stronger, lasting, goes on forever until you hit on just the thing that she is wanting at the time.  To go outside, there is no water in the bowl. AND food is another thing, she gets up at 7am!!  Oh, yes, I may go back to bed after, but her needs have to be seen to. Outside and her kibble.  She gets 1/4 cup at 7am and at 4p AND the 4p is fluid. I DO try to stick to the 4p...BUT for an hour, yes an hour before, she thinks it is about time, yes, high time, about time.. the whining and staring and sighing and dancing about if I happen to get up for something or go anywhere near where the food is stored..... About 8pm it is time for bed and there is the longing looks towards the bedroom and the staring again, she does not want to go in there herself, she wants me to be in there with her. Even tho I have spent all day with her plastered at my side or on my lap. Then she sleeps in the middle of the bed, and there is jerking and kicking if I should happen to encroach on her side by the slightest, now it is ok if she is plastered beside me, but I can't be touching or flopping over onto her!!! There is a fine line, even tho it seems as if it is all one and the same thing, or so it seems.....
I love her dearly and know she loves me...... she has my heart and soul and I would do anything for her, and so it seems I do.
(and I haven't even started in on Carl..... hahaha)
Take Care All and God Bless, may you all have Blessed little critters in your life, they enrich and expand and make it whole, even if they are a seemingly constant irritant :)

Friday, December 2, 2016


Bits and pieces getting ready for Christmas..
To become cards of different shapes and sizes. Sparkle and glitter abound!

Watching "I Love Lucy" and TV, what memories those clips bring back! Such a wonderful show and time.

Caught up with the Orange Man today in Bend, so excited to have good, sweet California oranges to enjoy for the next week.

Also went to Mkt of Choice, love going there and wandering about looking at all the 'goodies', some of that stuff is really expensive!! But it makes for a good time wandering and looking.

Went to a bazaar, found some cuteness.

Stopped at Costco, boy there were a lot of people there for a Friday! And they have all of their Xmas stuff out and special packages of things.  got milkbones, butter and vitamins.  Could not find a book that I needed to have, I have SO many now that I have gotten in the past, that have not gotten to, I need to read what I have, then pare down before I get anything new to add to the pile.  Then just how many piles do you need? Am running out of  room to stack piles!!!  HA! Just can't seem to resist when I see something that looks good, I may not remember it, to get at a later time.    But do love getting new ones to read.....

Take Care All and God Bless, Blessed Christmas to you and yours

p.s. the cold is lingering beyond any realm of usefulness
p.p.s. I am reading little xmas romance novels... they put me in a good mood this time of year.  Robyn Carr right now.  I did read Hillbilly Elegy tho and that was good.... sobering.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Such a stinker!! Had a good visit over Thanksgiving with Little Rylie.
Went to Madras to brother Jerry's and had good family gathering, good talks and food and the process of fixing the dinner...

here she is stealing food before we start.  hahaha

Then I made some cards in last class the second Saturday of the month in November.. It was a special folds class. and this card, to the right , was VERY hard to do!! let me tell you some of these are certainly challenging. BUT fun to do...

Today went to another workshop and she made us these cute little 'cups' as a favor, cute huh?? but not something that I think I would use, so did not get directions... I have that set and punch for the gingerbread man, you can also make reindeer, mummy's, zombie's, santas.. it is a fun punch!!
Have been negligent in posting here, have had a horrid cold that went into chest, with racking coughs, such fun!!!??
Been crocheting and reading and doing all the 'little' chores that has to do with living and keeping picked up and clean, sometimes it is taxing  :)

Take Care All and God Bless.....

Enjoy this Christmas Season

Monday, November 14, 2016


livin life..... day to day events.... cleaned house today. Yard is already done.  Went to see The Arrival Saturday... it was ok, but not something I want to watch again... think you are supposed to 'get' something, but I never had my ah-ha moment :(.. dogs are well.  Weather has been awful, well, there were some wonderful days in there where it got to almost 70.  Think all of the early snow at Mt B has melted, BUT snow is expected this week, with the snow/freeze level down to 4000 feet.  we sit at 3000 here in Redmond, so don't see any being here.  Looking back on FB last year at this time we had our 1st and only shoveable snow of the winter season... but does not look like will have any  soon...
So we just go on, day by day.  Been watching a lot of TV and CNN trying to figure out what our world will be like, but it has not reassured me or made me feel good/better.  So life goes on, the sun does come up
Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Birdhouse

This is the birdhouse I got at the estate sale... Cool huh? Like the color, makes a POP!!

Today went to Bend for hearing appointment, getting so very tired of going in there and he has not done what he was supposed to do and it was a trip for nothing. The upshot is that I DO need to wear them to get used to them.  It just seems silly to wear them, when I am sitting here by myself, reading  or making cards, tv not on and don't really need to hear anything, right?  Oh well, will wear them and maybe there is something going on that I should know about and just can't hear huh??

 Even tho I did get the doggie treats and envelopes I needed for xmas cards.

Here is the house with those darn trees in the backyard, you can see the leaves are almost all gone...

 See the hangers on... and by the end of today they should all be gone, I think I will need to rake one more time and then will just get abut 1/2 bag.. and then will be well and truly done for sure..

The birdhouse to the right is an old one.... but think it cute.. with those dead blooms by it...

Not much content in this blog, but lots of pics!!!  :0

An old gate a friend gave to me...

 I just love to have marigolds in the yard and near the garden area, Mom always had them to keep 'bugs' out she said.  I still have one the frost has not gotten apparently!!

I a couple of these different flowers in my yard, you can't tell what is real and what is not huh?  haha

Colorful toadstools I got for my birthday this year.... they look happy in the 'leaves'
Tomorrow have a card class to go to in culver, she always has the neatest cards to make, so can hardly wait,  /there is a set at Stampin Up that is 25% off so will have to take advantage of that,  /did I say that I got all my xmas cards done?? Early this year.. just got in and got them all done, excited to have that behind me.  Want to make an afghan, so have to get bust with that, I think it will just be a large granny, like making those, just the same stitch over and over w=until it is the size and colors that you want and not too hard to do, BUT can't read while am doing that and will just have some mindless TV on... hey!!!  will have to put in my hearing aides so I can hear everything and don't have to have the sound up really loud huh????

Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, October 31, 2016

Leaf update

Well got them done!!  Just have to get my 'helper' to get then around to the pick up!!  Cleaned house, washed clothes and also finished my Xmas cards, very productive day... was racking and hucking those leaves around so much that just had my shirt sleeves on, no coat!  And was not cold.... Such a relief to have them done and bagged and not all wet out there with them laying about all soggy....
Take Care all and God Bless, lots of people heading south for the Winter, see them on the highway, travel safe all of you