Monday, September 10, 2018

Two Weeks??!!

Boy, it has been two weeks since i last posted... You know things just go along... life goes on. Had to get a new battery for the pick up, it would NOT be charged.. Been working in the yard... have alot of things going to seed.  Watering.  Moved a maple like vine from right smack near the sidewalk where it decided to take hold, i did not plant it, don't know why it was growing there, BUT moved it to vine up the arbor i put in, and it immediately died... with water too, did not forget it, oh well, i tried.
Fall has just been busting out all over, the rabbit brush is blooming, just love that time of year, it is so very beautiful in the desert.. have to get some pictures!!! Fertilized the yard.. for last time before winter sets in... Been watering that in...
Made some cards, ordered lots of stuff from Stampin Up in order to make sadi cards, because ALL of the other 'stuff' i already have, just does not work.... ha!!
Have read some books, some good, some not so much.... Right now into The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman, not very far into it yet, but like the way she writes... it is about WWII...
Doggies are doing very well, in and out as per normal one would imagine, but does get tiring, confounded as to why they cannot go out together and need to go out separately....
Clean house, do laundry, oh joy... i really DO like doing laundry tho, like it when all is done, folded and put away, and dirty clothes and other things are not laying about....
Got a hand held vacuum, one of the high spots in life, with a cord, as do like the battery thing, it never lasts as long as i want to keep cleaning!!! And have been busy getting all the basebrds, corners, and under the couch, dressers, behind the stove..... everything feels better when u know all thee dust, hair has been eliminated.
Want to go the beach, but it just seems like so much work to make plans and pack and decide what to take or not.. what is really needed? This is the best time to go to the beach, in the Fall.... I have not been 'over the mountain' in over a year now... it seems so far away....
Well need o get to my day....
Take Care and God Bless

Sunday, August 26, 2018


68 in my house... i am NOT going to complain... smoke almost all gone, can even breathe... which is a good thing.  Went to Safeway this morning and they ALREADY have their Halloween stuff out, really, August is not even over yet.  I just thought that was jumping the gun a little...
I just feel like it is Fall out tho.... crispy morns, it was 31 in LaPine Friday!!! Soon that will be down here too... ooooo not really ready for that quite yet, but am so very thankful that those triple digits are behind us for this year... (i am sure that statement will hold)Reading 1000 White women by Jim Fergus.. pretty good, different than my usual read... 1870's
Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, August 20, 2018

Reading too!!

Recently finished a couple of books.. some of you seem to be interested in that. Clock Dance by Ann Tyler, supposed to be in top 10... well... did not get it.... maybe it was just not the book for me, now reading a John Grisham, The Rooster Dance and i  like it.. his books are always well written and have alot going on in them... sometimes hard to stay up with tho as my mind just does not work that way..
Also the Daughters of Ireland which turned out to be one of a series, so it just ended w/o knowing what happens to some of the characters... sooooo buy another book, huh?
and The Wife which is a movie with Glenn Close, don't know how they will 'flesh' that one out, it was pretty boring and predictable... seemed to go on and on, the Wife could not make a move, just went along with things.....  geez.....
That about does it, nothing very exciting to write about, just like the days, slow, hot, smokey....
Have had a blazing headache the last couple of days, am sure i have a brain tumor or art least an anryesm (sp) took the dictionary off my phone, so can't look up that word and too lazy to go get the hard bound one off the shelf  :)   so been loading up on Tylenol.... also can't breathe so on the inhaler... which surprisingly does work.....
Take Care all and God Bless

Sunday, August 19, 2018


Still hot, but not triple digits.... still smokey.. still crabby, still letting dogs in n out, still working in yard, mowing, watering, digging n pulling... still cleaning, dusting, mopping

Monday, August 13, 2018

Cooler Days

Did alot today after it has cooled down quite a bit, it seems like i have more energy....
To post office, cleaned house, made 3 cards, baked zucchini bread and made enchiladas....
Been watering back yard, oh and the poop duty too!!
I gets in the high 90's then triple digits and it is just too much for me, just want to sit in front of the fan and try NOT to sweat.... sweating when just doing nothing is just plain stupid.
The dogs don't like the heat either..... they sit in front of the fan too, we joggle around for the best place, hahaha  Give Luci a cool bath, then she runs around the house like she is all it, funny...
Suppose to get in the 90's again the rest of the week...
Well, that is it, not much going on really
Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


 these sunflowers are just volunteers... i never plant them, think they come from the birdseed i put out all year long!!!  So, one never knows exactly where they are going to come up... Surprise!!!
This year they were in driveway near where i have the little pickup or else out on the berm between sidewalk and street... so they really don't get an awful lot of water or none at all where the pick up sits.... weird, if i just leave them alone they do fine!
The things i nuture and give tons of water on these hot days, keel over...... but then i grow only things that flourish in my yard, other things that don't bloom get pulled out or just out and out die....
 and my stargazers below are a favorite, they were late this year and worried about them.. and they don't have as many blooms as normal, but enough.... they are so pretty, but then they don't last very long... sad.

Per the news last nite we have had 22 days of temps in the 90's... it has been awful, when it gets 86 inside the house it is pretty miserable, my fans have been going non-stop

poor Brian comes in exhausted at the end of the day, but he is keeping himself hydrated... after his little episode... maybe mom knows a thing or two... hahahaha

You know i was sitting here thinking about the weather and come to the conclusion that i sure complain alot, too hot, too cold, too windy.... but today is turning out nice!!!! only 78 right now at 11:30am and that is bearable..... not a thing to complain about

Those fires here and about are terrible, i just can't imagine having to go thru that

Just LOVE these flowers, always a joy when they are in bloom

Take Care All and God Bless

Friday, July 27, 2018


The one on the left had quite a time getting in the air!!
I am not going to say alot in this blog, just let the pictures speak for themselves !!

 BUT let it be known that i got up at 4am as the paper said that lift off was at dawn at 5am and of course i wanted to see that (this was at JE Jewell Elementary School. We lived right near here for years and Brian went to school here from 3-5th grade)
Boy did not think i could do it, went back and forth the night b4, finally set my alarm at 1am, and did get up and was there at 5am AND barely anyone else was!! But people and cars kept showing up! Lots of cameras, TV was there!! and by 7am they were all off, then went to my friends house as had to go to bathroom!! AND the balloons were right over her mobile home!! I did get her up!! Which i felt bad about as she has a hard time sleeping, but she said she was awake!!

There were 6 of them, not quite like in New Mexico, but still thrilling!!!!
That 1st one was up and away, far away by the time the others got up...

Here he is finally away..... some of the people watching were old hats at this (my 1st time) and were surprised that they took off, as the wind had come up quite a bit..

I could never get all 5 of them in the same frame.
This last one was over Carol's house...

Have a great day one and all, it was actually cold out there and i had to have a jacket on as did most people, but it is now at noon heating right up!!

Take Care All and God Bless