Tuesday, December 12, 2017

luci's problem

Well, just have to warn everyone, to please watch your pets really close in this season of weird things being out and entertaining...
At thanksgiving i made those really good sausage wrapped with bacon, and a toothpick inserted to hold it all together while baking.... WELL... i warned everyone to be sure to put those darned toothpicks in garbage and yes, dear luci found one.... somehow....
And on last Friday she was having issues with going to bathroom, kept wanting out , then could not go, kept straining and i finally noticed she had a stick coming out of her anus. Tried to pull it and she screamed like i was sticking a knife in her!!! So ran her right away to the Vet...... and the darn little shit just stood there and never a peep out of her while they pulled in out and then inserted some medicine, she is also on antibiotics.... It could have been so much worse!!! Considering that toothpick worked its way throughout her digestive system and at any point could have poked her!!!!
AND i use the big, sturdy toothpicks, not those flimsy shorter, less bulky ones!!!!
The poor little thing, it had to have hurt going down and through everything, don't you think?

We have been having frozen fog here for about three days, not it is sunny, but still very cold, no new snow in those mountains.  Heard it was really nice over on the coast.  I never ventured out, even to take pictures.  That frost on the trees and leaves is very beautiful.  It brings to mind Mom and me used to go out and cut pieces of juniper to have about the house at this time of year.  We both love the smell, it is like Christmas to us....

Hope everyone is well and having a very Merry Christmas season.

Take Care and God Bless

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Comp Issues

Have been gone for so long as had horrid computer issues!!! They found over 3000, YES 3,000 viruses!!! Had to finally just get rid of old windows 8, save my 'stuff' and put a new windows 10 on then put all of my things on it.  New way to do things and does not have everything right at my fingertips yet, BUT it will happen.  At least i was easily able to get onto my blog, huh???
We have had some very cold days...
Had a nice Thanksgiving with family.  Had a couple doc appts, cleaned house, did yard work, made my xmas cards... got them all ready to go.. Made some potholders out of old jeans, my little homemade thing for xmas and everyone i know, haha, sure they will be thrilled BUT they work really well
Hope you are all staying well, warm and Blessed for the Christmas season that is ALREADY upon us
Take Care and God Bless

Part of the comp issues is i got scammed,,,, came over the comp alert, alert, you are experincing  virus takeover and need to contact microsoft right away at such and such a #, so i did, and knowing that i should not be doing it, was hyperventalating and crying and everything and still did it anyway, BUT when they got to the point of wanting $259 for a security system i shut it down and took comp to a guy that my son knows.... owns the computer shop in Redmond.... they had it for a week, working on it and trying to fix before just did away with whole thing and started fresh, only charged me $150... for all that work too.. which i was happy to pay... it is working like a charm now and really fast too, weird how we get used to not having things work as they are supposed to, just gets slowly worse and worse.  they said that this had been going on for months tho and that the comp was not able to update itself, and it was nothing i did, i guess, can't help but hink i did tho,  it was horrid....

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Samo, Samo

Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!!
Hope you all have a blessed day with the ones you love

Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Well, now

Got the stitches out of the ankle and really doing well. Still swells up like a little tick ,especially if overdo but doc says that is to be expected.  Get some compression socks... ICK...
Got ALL of those stupid leaves bagged, checked the truck and it started right up this afternoon, so hope to get them to the dump/debris recycle tomorrow
Cleaned up around the yard, cutting things back and have a huge pile will put in recycle bin when they pick up the full one tomorrow
Hair done yesterday and nails today, so am happy camper  ;)
Got new lens in a couple frames I have on hand here and got to pick those up today, haven't worn these frames for a couple years as have an old prescription in them, so like I have new glasses!! Well the lens is new, not the frames... does that make sense??
All seems to be going well
Take Care and God Bless all

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Leaves About!!

Look at Carl!!!
He sits out there, on the other side of the fence is Wally, a mid size poodle, that comes out and they bark at one another. Even tho he can hardly stand up and walks like a drunken sailor, he is ready to absolutely kill Wally, little does Wally know... ha!!!
Carl charges the fence and barks and snarls and bites at the fence, he is beyond himself. I take it as his exercise and cardio vascular workout....

There are still some leaves up there, but most are down and all over the neighborhood!!!

I swear they are knee high out there. Carl loves to tromp thru them and do his duty right on the top of the pile.  Going to be such fun trying to get them up!!! I use gloves, of course.

Went out and sat in my chair for awhile, it was so very nice out there, no wind, just really, really nice.  Good weather for picking up leaves!!!!

Just finished a really good book "the Lilac Girls" by Martha Hall Kelly. It is a WWII novel about the medical experiments on women in the women's only concentration camp, Ravensbruck, in Germany. It was really horrid.  Some survived and Caroline Ferriday a NY socialite raised money and got donations to bring 63 of them from Poland to the US to get medical aide and reconstructive surgery. It was a bittersweet, heartening story of our involvement and compassion following WWII.  It was really well written from Caroline's point of view, one of the survivors, and the Doctor that performed many of the 'experiments' (very true story) It covered the period of time from 1939 to 1959... So you really got involved in their stories/lives and how they got to where they ended.  Good, good book.

Take Care All and God Bless

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ankle and Carl Update

 Had my hardware removal surgery Monday and all went really well! Am pleasantly surprised that really have no pain. Well- the first night I had to take a Vicodin but none since and can hop about fairly good.  Have appt on 27th to have stitches out and am sure all will be fine!!!
So am sitting about the house, reading and watching TV

Below is what Luci is doing and below that is Carl and what he is doing.. He is really not doing very well, limps horribly, is on two different pain pills. he would normally sleep most all the time anyway, so hard to tell if he is over drugged or not. Does nor appear to be pain. Eats as normal and out put is the same, sooooo, only thing he does now is pee where ever he wants if you are not jolly on the spot, so if he is left alone in house for any length of time........ yep! And I have to be attentive to when he moves about and might be ready to release, hee-hee....

Oh, and the leaves are falling really badly in back yard.... on and on....

Take Care all, have a great Fall and God Bless

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Views of Fall

Top Picture is of Mt Jefferson  Monday

Next is Three Sisters on Monday also, out near the dump...

To the left is tree across the street with angry clouds in the background..

Below is Three Sisters on the way to Bend, today, with new snow!!!

Above is backyard and I was worried about the leaves falling.... looks like they are on the way down.

Take Care All and God Bless