Thursday, September 12, 2019

Day Trip

North Sister, Whychus Creek is down in the valley. We could not manage to get down, kept going up and around.... it was crazy
Sooooo we turned around when the pavement ended and went back and when got to level with the city of Sisters was able to access the Creek, it was very pretty and a great day...

pictures are all off my phone.... it always amazes me the quality of pictures u can get!

Three Sisters... and a burn, don't know which it was... there was logging and falling in the area..
there were quite a few cars going up there, don't know where they were all going.. Another car behind us also turned around... it was gravel, one lane..... there were just too many cars up there coming and going to be on a one lane road.... guess i am a weiner.....

Very pretty, but kind of murky, maybe the rain last week and the week end?? Lovely boulders

I look like crap as he wanted to go at last minute and had not done my hair or even dressed up , in my working in the yard clothes and even shoes.... take advantage of when they want to go!!!Thought we were going to do yard work...
Boy those big pants look awful..... and the smoke was doing  weird, sort of cool things....

And looked what i found by the Creek, cute huh?

And look at this root ball.... rocks were in there.... in middle of the pictures... in upper part...

It was a fun day.... and beautiful out....

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, September 4, 2019


My dear, dear Luci i am afraid can't hear.... She stays in her bed until i am all the way in the house and in the middle of the living room before she is aware i am home.
And this morning someone rang my door bell (she was sitting in the chair right beside me) and she did not hear it at all.. and she did not even become aware someone was talking to me, a strange voice. Both things would normally set her off.
Sooo it does NO good to yell at her!! When she is doing something wrong.  I think she can tell by my body language that i want her to go out or feed her...  :-)  i have been paying attention to my movements and i normally do the same thing when doing both things, fling my arm in the air in the direction of the door.
She does bring her head up when i do a sharp whistle, when she is outside and want her near me or to come in.... so we will get along...
Don't think she needs to go to the vet immediately, as what are they going to say, yes, she can't hear..?
I feel kind of bad, it is a progression
Take Care and God Bless

my niece and her daughter, my great-niece? came for a visit last night, brought me some of their garden veggies... Yummmm

Thursday, August 29, 2019


Got these at the Roses and rust at fairgrounds last week end, so cute!!
Am using rocks to keep in place right now as deciding where i want them permanent

Am going to have to pull up my sunflowers, they are now all dying, drying up, past their prime and bent over as the rain has gotten to them.. altho we have only had little intermittant  rain, still makes them all bow down to the earth.. hollyhocks are the same way, such a mess, they don't last really a very long time... but are glorius when they are in their prime!!!
it is just the winding down of summer.... sad... but Fall is upon us!!!
Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, August 22, 2019

' Nother Book

Just finished CJ Box, "Bitterroots" read till 3a to finish, yes, i had to know what happens.  This one was not a Joe Pickett, but a Cassie Dewell.... Murder Mystery... his books are good, fast reads.  BUT i got all of his books after i 'discovered' him, mostly thru used book stores, here and there. AND now i am resigned to having to wait until another comes out.  He is young tho, so there should be plenty more books, and writes about 2 a year, so it is not too long a wait...
Unlike Diana Galbadon that only puts out one huge book every 2-3 years.... YEARS  .... you have to wait between books....
Take Care and God Bless

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Not Much

Aren't these cute lawn ornaments?  The stampin Up ladies yard, she has more cute things and some really lovely flowers..

Aren't these lilies beautiful??

Today was nail day... then had to go to another place and get Luci's meds, then to another to get my B12... Then to the fruit stand.... then back to the house to get Luci to get her nails done/trimmed, not the same as mine, hahaha  then finally home to rest...... water more yard.  Things are wilting... and drying out... this time of year can'e keep ahead of what needs to be seen to next..
A friend had a memory on Facebook that 7 years ago we were zip lining in Dubuque, Iowa!!!! It was really fun.... but were short little ones and not WAY high.. high enough for some, but think about it, there are not that many high places in Iowa!!!!
Brian got a different job..... working at a place that makes industrial air conditioners.  have i already said this?  gets him out of the sun and snow and there are benefits!! But it is boring, nothing satisfying that you can see at the end like a nicely landscaped yard or park.  He just does, bits and pieces here and there.... told him if that is what they want to pay him for, then..... what is to complain.
Take Care All and God Bless

Monday, August 19, 2019

Juniper Anatomy

This tree was at the place where i go for Stampin Up.. which is the card making company that i order things from...
This was looking to the east

Another view facing south..
What must this tree had to go thru... what happened to that limb down on the ground?
Parts of it are dead... that limb still has live growth on it..

Here are limbs that have been twisted and turned, broken off

Here is the start of that limb that is laying on the ground.

 Then it has all of this moss growing on it..

Another limb that looks that it broke off, does not look to be sawed off..

And then someone at sometime decided to put a piece of wire around the limb.. What it was sticking out and they wanted the wire off the ground?  Just put it there for a bit, then forgot about?

More twisted limbs, even inside the tree. What causes that, the wind? Just the contrariness of the tree itself..?  some has that long falling off bark on it, some are smooth.

This was really quite a large tree too, for the area. One of the largest about.  Just find it sort of wonderful how it can keep growing.  Hardly any water.  And it has been there for quite a long time.  This is a subdivision out East of Bend, past the airport on the old road to Prineville..  There are quite a few houses out there, some nice, some not so much, but they are each on probably 5 acre lots.  So they could set the houses back from the road.  There are alot of cul-de-sacs.  My friend is on one of those, so they don't get alot of traffic.  And the trees along that highway are quite amazing in their growth and don't really have silhouette but just go sort of crazy ( you know some trees have a definate overall shape, like a poplar, aspen, walnut)  junipers mainly go every which way. And i suppose the weather and wind has alot to do with shaping them.  Sometimes after a big blow you can see huge branches have split off or been hit by lightening.... Just find them interesting.
There was a spot on TV just tonight that they are burning juniper trees, selectively in areas as they are taking over the sagebrush/rabbit brush and animals use that for feed and nothing eats on the juniper.  BLM considers it a weed and regularly burn/remove to let the undergrowth take over for feed.
Poor maligned Juniper......
Ah, well

Take Care and God Bless

Friday, August 9, 2019

Good Book

the Clockmaker's Daughter.... what can i say about it?

Well, it was VERY well written and you DO get good character development.  You care about what is happening or what did happen... BUT i think it is more a matter of my aging... dare i say.  there were SO many people, they all come together in the end, but there were a couple that i said 'WHO is that?' I just could not remember them all and how they fit together or were supposed to. There was a ghost that kept the story going.... and then it kept popping between the years:
 1862, 1898, 1919, 1928, 1940, 1962, 2017 back and forth. i got dizzy.  Would have to sit there a moment and remember the last thing that happened at that period from a couple chapters before...
i do like her writing, Kate Morton.. and have heard about her for some time and even have some downloaded to my Kindle that i have not gotten to yet.. it is a mystery, not really a murder, just poor happenstance.. one little, tiny thing can have repercussions.... thru the ages and many peoples lives...

Take Care and God bless