Thursday, May 2, 2019

Spring on 26th

 Above are, i call them magnolia.. am pretty sure that is not really what they are, the ones i saw in San Diego were on trees and MUCH larger... these are mine and they are the 1st thing that blooms in my yard
After 3 years this year was the 1st year the quince bloomed... so very pretty, i think it was saving up for a really good show, which it put on this year!
there are the STUPID things that fall off the trees in the back, they just look gross, but they dry up and become compost in the yard pretty fast, the little casing things, are around for quite awhile and stick to everything, feet, dogs, whatever
AND the mushrooms, i try and try to get rid of them and this year there are LOTS, think it was all the snow we had and the wetness, but they are just ALL over and i keep hatching them off with the shovel....

 brian says i am just spreading the spores all over and will then get more, but i can't stand them....
thsose and the dandelions, and i know i am supposed to let those stay for the bees, wellllll they can just go to the neighbors yard, there are LOTS of them over there, i hatch up then too!!!

Love this little tin, well, it is not really that little, but it is blue and really cute

and the lovely tulips that i get more and more of every year.  they were here when i moved in.

aren't they pretty with the grape hyacynth... am pretty sure the spelling is wrong on that, but......

we are doing better and better everyday, well, should say Brian is.  We got Carl back yesterday in a very beautiful wooden box with forgetmenots carved in the lid....
It is quiet here, his presence in missing, there is a hole or vacuum in the house where he was.
But i did not have to put up my little fence this year to keep him out of the tulips and iris beds.. one of his very favorite places to relieve himself..

Take Care and God Bless

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


We are loosing Carl..... These past two weeks have been horrid.  I finally convinced Brian to take him to the vet,"to make sure".. and a mass was found on his spleen.  He is having a great deal of difficulty in breathing.  Can barely walk and just collapses at various times and places. Can just go no further.  I have been giving him water with a turkey baster... He won't eat and elimination is almost non-existant.
We have an appointment tomorrow at noon.  the vet is coming to the backyard... that is what Brian wanted... He has SO many emotions tied up in Carl.  Carl got him thru some very lonely, sad times.  It is very difficult for him to let go.  But, finally last night he became aware that he was doing Carl no favors by keeping him with us.... He was for the longest time perking up when Brian came home from work and would follow him from room to room and insist that Brian stay beside him.  He would bark and bark when Brian went out to the garage for a smoke and not take Carl with him.  And Carl does not really like going out there, too cold for him and he does not like the smoke... he wanted Brian in the house, in his chair or on his bed.  Carl would lay beside him...  Carl only 'put up' with me.  i fed and cleaned up after him, let him in and out, even took him for walks when he was still able.  But still he was only Brian's dog.... I was Carl's servant......
He was really and truly an good dog.  when walking he never pulled and he could have, in his prime, pulled me right off my feet, but he never did.. he was patient and would wait for me to catch up. never bit anyone.... never run away.... he would really mind Brian and stayed right beside him always.. Altho he had many bad habits and a devil may care what he happened to track into the house or step in he was always quick to please.
One thing i remember that shows he was a big scaredy  cat.... when we moved into this house, i got one of those huge watering dishes that expels water when the water level would get below a certain point, and give a big bubble/burp of water into the dish, WELL he saw that, jumped across the room and started barking at it!!!! He would NEVER drink out of it.... he would get thirsty and want water and would stand beside it and bark, i finally had to get just a regular dog dish to give water and keep filling up ( i guess it worked out as that thing was really hard to clean out and then lift the full container onto the stand, we eventually gave that away to someone with 4 dogs)
So.... all that being said, tonite and tomorrow morning is going to be a hard day.  Last nite was hard enough, we both sat on the floor with him and cried and cried...
No matter they sure get under your skin and you come to rely on them and love them dearly and no matter his horrible habits and upkeep, he will be sorely missed....

Take Care all and God Bless... take time to love one another...

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The last

The light at the beach is ever changing, you can never get the same thing again, always different, better sometimes than the time before

We never got a sunset, but the glow was there.... on the waves and the rocks
 and pussy willows were out
they are so very soft and one of the first harbingers of Spring
As are the lilies

Take Care all and God Bless

we have had rain all week end, but i try to remember April showers bring May flowers

Today is grey and windy

Saturday, April 6, 2019

More Beach

At the beach everything blooms, always.... the rhodies are ALL over and prolific..
In the coastal range and some in the cascades towards the west side there are wild ones that bloom in May..

 primrose in pots in front of motel
We were at Starfish Point, north of Newport. A condo, there were about 6 of them and on all different levels (did i already tell u this)  down to the front door, then down to living room up to kitchen, down to 2nd, main bedroom, the down to sitting areas with views to the beach, 2 balconies... really nice kitchen.... everything was really nice...
down, down, down to beach, stairs and trail, then a river to cross to get to beach, or go along the cliff towards the rocks to the north, but that river widens out and then there was more of it to cross, i never did, did not want to take off my shoes, i think i am getting old and fuddy-duddy.... ;(

sea lions in Newport by the bay... they were rowdy and mad at ones that came later and wanted up on the raft too, lots of bickering.. this was the view from the restaurant where we ate.. later we went down to the docks and watched for awhile

 Rocks at north end of the beach

Sacia, Chloe and Nannie

Here are 4 generations!!! (Sacia in blue jacket is my brother's daughter) her mother, grandma and daughter

Crab pots... lots of pots!! There was a funny old guy there too, said we could take pics, but is wanted a pic of him it would cost us... e did not ask hat it would cost....
It is strangely mesmerizing to stand or sit and watch these sea lions bicker and fight and roar... they were just nasty to one another and did NOT want to be disturbed by the late comers!!!!
the ones closest to bottom of the picture, u can tell the shiny one is new, the others have been there long enough to dry off...
there were ones swimming around too, trying to find a place and the ones already there were NOT happy with those newcomers!!

Take Care all and God Bless

Friday, April 5, 2019

Out Of Town!!

 Yes i did!!! With family

"we are family, we are family, we be crazy, but we are family"  (from Northern Rescue)

The drive over the South Santiam was curvy, slow and very rainy.... But strangely beautiful. I kind of get overwhelmed by all the green once we are in the Valley.... on the mountain it is still winter, with barely there buds on the trees.... and No blooming... once over there were skunk cabbages, but that was the only color until you get way down lower and the blooming began with pink and white trees and the various bulbs.... but boy howdy did it rain!!!!

We only saw this one loaded truck on the way down, and then in town we saw some unloaded ones on the way back up to get another load.... must have been right at the tail end of the first load.

Then there were the daffies, LOTS of them.....
Once we got over to the beach it was really nice, just sweatshirt weather for the two days we were there.. until we left then the rain was starting again, it had been raining before as the sand was all wet and hard, no sandy, soft sand.... :(
Really became aware that i need to get out and walk and go to gym, back to yoga.  The motel/condo was on a cliff and the room had like 6 different levels, it was like every room or sitting area was on a different level, LOTS of stairs.... then down to the beach were MORE stairs and trail and they were not step high, but longer and you had to reach to get to the next, once up and down was about all i could do, then with LOTS of huffing and puffing, it was a sorry, sad sight.  When we left we were going to go to a beach where it was easy access, but it was pouring and the vote was to just leave.... rather than get all wet n sandy.....
A good time was had by all.... more pics tomorrow
Take Care and God Bless

Monday, April 1, 2019


at my last post and there was SNOW all over everything.... Well, snow is gone, crocus are popping up all over, trees have little buds on them.  Daffy's still not blooming tho, just up a couple inches.
Had the cold from hell for a week, snottin and coughing all over the place and managed to give it to Brian, he was NOT too happy with me, but kept reminding him did not do it on purpose, geez!!!! Have been working, cleaning up the yard, you know, it really makes no difference what you do in the Fall, in the Spring you still have yet more work and clean up to do.... Had that HUGE bin full nd am working on the 2nd one almost filled up, just lots of dead stuff and leaves still tucked in here and there...
The Duckers are back!!!!
We have had little spats of rain...
Went to see Mustang... well, very sad and dark, but the guy in prison does get a break thru and even tho in there forever, he gets in a good place and looses much of his anger by working with the horses.  It is a Robt Redford movie (producer, he is not in it) so there is a certain activism about it...
Have not really read any good books am in a slump and just reading romances that are easy and predictible and happily ever after, sometimes a person just needs that
Take Care and God Bless

Friday, March 15, 2019


Here it is already mid-March.  Can scarcely believe it.  The snow is melting. Hardly any on the roof anymore. There are still piles here and there where we had to pile it up to keep walkways open... Am finding all the nuggets of joy in the backyard...  But DO love these clear blue skies when it is trying it's best to get warm and push up crocus and daffodills...
The nights are still in the teens and 20,s.. but it is staying light later, past 6pm and that is a REALLY good thing, happy, happy to not have darkness all about or looming around the corner.
The car is a mess, but there is so much water splashing here and there that it seems self defeating to get it thru the car wash...
Had my yearly well check-up and i am well. Which is a good, happy thing.
Brian still not back to work, am hoping next week......
Had another run-in with the Employment office on his behalf, it ended ok, but those people, i swear....definately need some customer service training
CJ Box has a new book out, Wolf Pack, it is starting out to be a corker!!
Well that is about it, am searching, searching for things to say.... oh.. my right thumb was absolutely killing me, hurt so bad, could not grip, attributed it to all the crocheting i was doing, on my 5th afghan!!!! And that right thumb does all the scrolling on FB and typing in comments and texting, so it was a bad thing to have.... BUT Today it just stopped hurting....???? what the...... well am happy about that.... i kept rubbing IcyHot into it and the joint where it hurt, took tylenol, which nurse friend says does not help it or any inflamation, only for pain.. oh well, it is better, i can type!!! and move it about without stabs of pain.. that also makes me happy.....
Well, that truly is it, nothing more to say.....
Take Care and God Bless