Saturday, August 20, 2016


WELL... I failed my new intro check-up with primary care doctor in the hearing category  :( Met with her on Wed and the audiology guy, who was very nice and he said I was 'a very good looking woman' !!! no one has ever told me that before, sort of set me aback.... it was in the context that I did not want some old huge thing sticking out my ear, I think in any case I would not like that!!!  But they have so very many alternatives to that anymore, it is ok... So this week end I am 'trying' some aides out.... and it is really startling.. 1st thing was I turned the tv down from a sound setting of 52 to 30!!! And can hear all manner of things being said.  going to the movie today to see if that is better too, as I am always saying what? what? what did they say???   maybe, just maybe I will be able to hear everything all by myself, do you think??? We get so used to compensating for our defincincies (sp) that do not notice a change, until there is something drastic that helps..... it sort of makes me feel old, but then again I think if this makes things easier for me, and I am not in the dark or outside the loop so much of the time, one might say.. I think it is an ok thing.  AND of course Medicare, so then insurance does not pay for these, just like vision, apparently, as we age we no longer need to see or hear to go about our lives...!!!!! BUT they have a payment plan, so convenient of them, don't u think???  hahaha
So am entering a big new world... it is sort of like when I had cataracts removed and was able to see!!! things I never knew were there before... geez..... miracle.......
Take Care All and God Bless
Taking one day at a time and ever moving forward

Sunday, August 14, 2016

a 'little' trip

Friend Carol G. is housesitting in Salem.  so I went over to spend a couple days with her and maybe visit some people that I want to keep in touch with...... WELL  best laid plans.....
First thing I left my camera at home, I NEVER do that!!! felt like I was really missing something. then stopped at a rest area outside Salem that I always stop at and dropped my phone in the toilet,  good thin is it is NOT a pit toilet! but still..... was in my back pocket, which I never do.... why did I do that?  wellllllll, it still worked, thought I had dodged a bullet, but lo and behold it would not charge..... the only way it will work is on a standing charger thingy, have to go tomorrow and get a new phone, I have insurance, so maybe just use that feature, don't know, but I do NOT want to lose all my contacts, pictures and calendar..... :(  am not happy and feel so lost without it, what did we ever do without them??? I am finding out.....
Friend Nora, has moved back to the beach, so she was not in Portland, was having lots of company for the week end, so a drive over visit was not going to work.  So will plan a visit for next month.  We went to Lincoln City for the day, what a mistake!!! SO much horrid traffic, took like half an hour after hit Lincoln City to get to the beach or access to beach, traffic was slow, traffic lights were not working, fun, fun.. But finally got there and did a short walk and sit, was nice, shirt sleeve weather, but foggy.  of course, no pictures......
THEN was not aware that if you sit in the car with the lights on, radio going and trying to charge a phone (did a drive thru due to dogs with us and can't leave them in the hot car) the battery takes just NO time at all to drain!!!! Kudos to the great guys at Newport Oil Can Henry's for coming to our rescue, jumping the car then checking to make sure it was charging ok. There are GREAT people out there willing to be helpful for no charge!!!
We drove to Newport to see more beach and did not want to get back into that long line going back to Salem out of Lincoln City...
Did no shopping, dogs in car, the whole week end!!!! Watched Olympics, read, made some cards, cut things out with die cuts.... may not sound exciting but we had a good time, and talked the whole time, don't know about what, but there was a continual dialog!!!!   :)
These people have a great home, very simple really, older home, no master bath, but two sitting areas, huge deck with a cover and comfortable chairs, enclosed back yard that no one can see into, everything has really nice finishes... and they have a refrigerator to die for, really, one of those that open doors right and left and a drawer and all of these cool drawers for different things to go into.. don't know if it would fit in my house, the whole kitchen would be refrigerator!!!!  But it is really nice!!! She is after my own heart as every wall is covered with bookcases or dressers, chairs, no empty spaces.
Had a good time
Think this is the 1st time this year have been over the Santiam, strange, then came back over Mt Hood, they changed signs, no longer says to Mt Hood but to Estacada, and have to know that is the way to Mt Hood!!!!  Ha, had to correct and go back around, and then there was a new exit.. knew when I got to Clackamas Town Ctr I had gone too far.
Oh and the Navy friend I looked up on GPS and found her house, was not home.  then when I went thru Madras stopped to see brother and they were not home.... geez, see, what a trip..... don't try to surprise people... the surprise was for me!!!!!
So am back home, watered, been to grocery store, got the kitchen cleaned and laundry (oh and I left my dirty clothes there, so friend, Carol, has to cart those home for me) in process.....  it was just one disaster after another and my problem solving skills  were lacking or NOT there!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just More Nothing

I have been sick for the last 4 days!!! In bed...stomach pain, afraid it was another obstruction and I would need surgery and did not want it, and who could I call, have no friends, I am friendless and as you can see feeling very sorry for my sad, sad self.... I do have great friends, but you know you can't impose for some things and thoughts, that is what a blog is for, haha
I just get that way and do nothing at all, no watering, or meals or anything, , hardly watch tv, no reading....  Luci LOVES it, I swear she could just lay there with me, she has my full attention and am right there, THEN it went away.. just like that.  I did call the doctor and they finally called back (yes, I know I am not the only person in the world, well I mostly know that!) They think it is a ulcer, based on all I told them, and have new meds.  But I think I have also gotten another uti.  but I lost 5#.. don't know if that is good or bad, as doc wanted me to gain weight, but I was not really happy with the gain, so am working on that, since I have been on a purge, so to say. It was a good start. I basically did not eat at all these days, but kept hydrated and 'things' seemed to keep working, where b4 they were not at ALL, so in the back of my mind I knew it was not an obstruction as b4.  BUT the fear was numbing and paralyzing.
Today, I watered, picked poop, did laundry of bedding and went to the Fair here in Redmond. Always a big 'do' and got in free as I am a veteran!!! Was fun talking to those 'old' veterans, unfortunately I fear they are MY age!!!! It was fun, just walked around slowly with my bottle of water, had a hand dipped corn dog, that ate about a third of.  There was lots to see, but did not get to the animals.  Got  me a Cutco paring knife and kitchen shears (if you do not know about Cutco, you need to look them up and investigate, wonderful knives!!!!) the rep is coming to my house to sharpen what I have, all four of them, should not take him long :) they do this FREE and there is a FOREVER guarantee if anything happens to them, I have a cheese knife that the knife part comes out of the handle and he gave me the address to send it back to the company and they will send me a NEW one!!!! Saying all of that, they are NOT cheap- so they better replace it!!! Right!!! Also got 2 signs to pound in the ground, advising people to "SLOW DOWN this is OUR neighborhood" people go around that corner where I live like it is a race track sometimes, altho I have to say, they sure do slow down when I am out there weeding right next to the road, at least they are wary of the old fragile white haired lady almost in the road!!!!!
Came home and fixed one of my mother's old recipes, Chinese hamburger and rice, Brian was not too impressed and is going to be appalled when I make him eat it again tomorrow!!! He gets the brunt of finishing off things I fix, especially if it make tons, as my portion is about a cup and then I am done, that leaves a lot of left overs.... but eventually- garbage disposals are a wonder and don't know what I would do without one!!!!

See, a lot of nothing..

Take Care All and God Bless

p.s.  the weather has gotten really nice, 80's was even able to turn off the fans, they do get on ones nerves after awhile, we sat outside tonight, talking, there was a nice breeze, not cold at all, really quite wonderful

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good Morning!!!

This morning in the yard!!  Last nite or early this morning the deer went thru!! Got all my strawberry plants and the one squash that came up... also tore at the sunflowers, so figured I better get some pictures while I had the chance!!

Take Care All and God Bless!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Heat & movement

Just trying to stay cool and NOT sweat!!!

Today Luci decided she needed to get up and potty at 6am!! Then needed her breakfast... by 7 I was no longer sleepy and could not get back to slumberland, so I just got up!! To hell with it.... toss and turn, so by noon I had taken the dogs to Bend, bathed Carl, boy was he stinky, got both dogs their nails trimmed, did 3 loads of laundry, vacuumed, mopped and fixed a tuna sandwich!!! I felt so justified in my later nap and laziness!!! Sat outside in sun for awhile with luci, she likes sitting, watching the traffic and life go by on our street. It is something that we bond over....  haha......

Been watching both conventions, don't know what to say... but I don't live on fear and think we are great. right. now. We are on a pinnacle. whatever happens we need to support our government and ourselves, with grace and peacefulness.

God Bless All

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Going On

Just some of the pretty wildflowers near Mammouth,CA.
Have just been 'catching up' with everything that needs to be done when you have been gone for a week.... laundry, yard work.  We had some huge thunder/lightning storms go thru here and it spayed down lots of the hollyhocks and lambsear.  Took out the lambsear nothing to be done with that and now it is ugly, but tried to stake up the hollies... do not look good, but want them to live out their lives and go to seed, not rot on the ground... took out all the forget-me-nots as they had seeded and were dying out.. and this all takes work.
Am also clearing out/cleaning the RV as a friend will be stopping by, picking it up and taking it to SoCal to sell... hopefully.. so getting it 'road worthy' think it needs batteries and tires, so he can get it down there, safely.  It is the end of a dream, BUT I had my time, however short I may think it is, and time to move on.  It was not really that much fun doing it all by myself, then being alone on the road and in strange rv parks across the country. BUT that is not to say the dream is not still there or that people were not kind and helpful, they were more than so, and my ideal of what it should have been like.... All you women out there with 'partners' just think of doing everything yourself, making plans, following thru, cleaning, dumping, hooking up, driving (I could not eat the night before I knew I was moving.. I would settle down about an hour or two on the road, but boy leading up to that, the anticipation and angst, is something I can well do without) freight trucks coming up behind you and the backwash after they pass, changing lanes with 40 feet of vehicle, it is just not on my list of top FUN things to do.....  soooooo am selling my dream and hope it goes fast, so I do not have linger over the decision or worry about it being 'down there' and me here and stuff that may need to be done to keep it up and running and happy.... want us BOTH to be happy.. hahaha
Take Care all and God Bless

p.s. hot weather is supposed to be back this week end :) at least here in C.O. we do NOT have the humidity that other parts of the country have....

Friday, July 15, 2016

A Trip

Been in California!!  Did ya miss me??  Took 395 down and back, as gps says it is shorter, and I missed all the I-5 traffic.  It certainly may have been slower, but less tiring think. On the way down I stayed in Bridgeport at the Maple Leaf Inn.  a wonderful place, very clean and nice, but it was an older motor court and just perfect.  On the way back I left Yucaipa and spent the nite with friends in Tehachapi.  It was a very good visit.  they have a lovely home, but are busier than busy with each their own business.

The mountain flowers were climaxing and were truly lovely.  Also stopped on the way down in Mammouth, always wanted to see it, and the Devils Postpile... well!!! I never got to see that as now you have to go to the lodge and get a ticket and get on a bus and be bussed to the 'attraction' and I did not have time for that...

Had a great visit with my niece, her husband and little Chloe.  they always make me feel more than welcome and have lots of things planned to do, or just follow along, like for Chloe's swim lessons.  It was fun to watch and see her learning.
Here we went to a place in the desert, it is all desert, right? To get rocks, I had about 200# of rocks behind the drivers/passengers seats... Would have been awful to get in an accident with them in there, they would have flown all over the place... ah well, they look nice under my tree!!

Oh, dear, yes, this was my idea as it is the 60th year Disneyland was open!!! A celebration... wrong time of year, SO many people, why aren't they working and how on earth can they afford to go there, a whole family???? We were there probably from noon to about 4p and went on 4 rides, that is all... the wait was awful.. and did not even get near any of the roller coaster rides, where there were waits of 80 minutes... and it was HOT, I sweat....

But Chloe was very excited, to see princess' (Mickey and goofy)  and even tho it was so hot, I had gotten her the jacket at the Disney outlet store a couple days before and she had to wear it!!! Especially to talk to Sleeping Beauty
Do I look as tired as I am right now?  These days you have to find a parking lot, park. pay to park, then get on a bus to be taken to the park itself....
what a procedure, felt so sorry for Sacia having to lug the stroller onto and off the bus, getting on, someone helped her, not so when we left....

This pretty much says it all....

In Tehachapi they had 4 different kinds of lavender that I got to pick, that was fun, got lots, rubber banded them together and it smelled good all the way home.
Drove for 14 hours from Tehachapi to home... lots of driving....
They have LOTS of windmills in Tehachapi!!!!

LOTS of bugs around summer Lake, Silver Lake area, what with all the hay fields..
Above is Mono Lake .  There was a vault toilet there, that is one thing with 395, rest stops are few and far between and you become very inventive.....

But it is beautiful in its desolation

Last of the day.... Only had about 50 miles that I had to drive in the dark and knew where I was by that time, nothing really new to see, in any case....
On the way down I did see an Eagle by Summer Lake and a herd of antelope, they sure are pretty.
Yesterday and today have played catch up, with the mail, yard work, house work, laundry, groceries, Luci has finally stopped being so clingy, geez, she just wants me to sit there and hold her!!! Poor lonely little thing....
I had a great week, hope you all did too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take Care and God Bless