Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bloomin Yard!!

Today Carl is in the vets for dental work, again... SO decided to clean house, becuz, HE barks the whole time the vacuum is running and it is SO annoying!!!! So I was able to clean house, in quiet. It was actually NOT annoying and sort of ok... got it all done. In bedding mode right now.

Yesterday I finally finished the sidewalk area weeding, took forever it seemed, maybe a week, used to get it all done in a day or so.. Still have the garden area to do, but it looks so very good weedless. Got the pick-up running, after a Winter of sitting there not driven, the battery was dead, so charged and it started right up. So now am ready to go get compost and some gravel, to spiff up areas around the yard... Have to get some seed out again in the back yard, would like to have the area outside back door in grass, but with the dogs, seems impossible to do.  Or at least keep it grassy, get it to grow in the 1st place..... Have done it at least 3X but then left for a couple weeks and it dies as not watered enough, so maybe this will be the year I can get grass back there and get it established in order to stay, who knows??
The blooms in the yard are lovely, the top is a quince (pink) and bottom is a weeping cherry, that we thought we had killed by shoveling snow on it and broke off some of the limbs, but Brian used duct tape (that stuff works for everything, huh?) and the limbs are blooming!!! miracle!
Take Care All and God Bless

Saturday, May 6, 2017

No Worries...

Birthday dinner toast....
lemondrop martinis!! Yummm...

Well, took Carl to vet yesterday and all went well as can be expected... bad arthritis, pills for the pain, he is taking the SAME thing I took for nerves in my ankle!!! How about that???!!! He needs more dental work, had an ear infection, yet again or still, whatever... at least he does not appear to be on his last legs, having blood tests done and collected poop and pee this morning, good thing there is not a utube video of that procedure!!! He was truly horrified that I was trying to stick a plastic tray under him while he was trying to pee, just flipped himself around and sat down and glared, actually glared at me for doing something so awful in his vulnerable moment!!!!  At least I got a very small bit and apparently it was good enough, ran it right down to the clinic, they had impressed on me that they needed it 'fresh'.... geez, the things we do for out pets.... (well, not mine really)
AND I want to give a shout out to friend Tanya for coming in to town at 9am to help get him in the car and out at the vets then back at home, don't really know if I could do that myself... he Weighs 46# has lost 8# in the last year..... can feel his backbone.  You know, you get used to seeing them and don't notice these things or choose to ignore them until you have to take them to the vet/doc and explain yourself and your actions and what is going on with your dog/pet.  it is sobering to say the least.  It is not like we neglect him or anything. I mean all he does is sleep and go potty, eat twice a day, administer pills. Brian spends time at night with him.  Carl and I just tolerate one another and get along for Brian's sake... (neither one of them think Luci is ok and just put up with her for MY sake, and Carl takes out after her once in awhile to put her in her place, I guess, but that is truly awful when it happens and Luci is quite offended)   He certainly did soak up all the attention at the vets tho.... don't know what it is, but he is a 'chick' magnet for sure, all the assistants wanted to sit on the floor and cuddle him... I guess they are not the ones having to clean up after him on a daily basis is what makes him so alluring????
BUT I am glad that he is around for a bit more and that we don't have to make any 'final' decisions..

The large buildings are the St Charles Medical Center complex on Neff Road seen from the top of Pilot Butte in Bend.... Just thought it an interesting picture.... there gets to be more and more of those buildings and they keep getting bigger and bigger.
Got water going on the yard, the lilacs are budding out, going to be a lot of them this year!!! Got the lawn mowed, now need to do the edging.... still weeding, but getting there and can now sit in my chair and not see any weeds.  Just stay in the chair and not go to the side of the house and no worries :)  
Take Care all

Thursday, May 4, 2017


One day we went to the "Moon" and back.. haha in Terrebonne they have vicuna, smaller than llama and so darling, you can buy feed to give to them and they are very aware you are there to do just that!!! This mountain is Smith Rock, a hiking and rock climbing mecca.  when I was in high school it was just an interesting formation of rocks, weird how things change. Now you can't even park there unless you get there in the wee hours of the morn....

Today was just a day, toes clipped for Luci, she hates that!! Then to post office, and roads were closed here and there, so could not get there from here type thing, took forever it seemed. Then round about way to get to Taco Bell for a 'crunch wrap', then to get car washed... becuz that is the way I go, too lazy to do it myself... BUT then I came home and worked in the yard for awhile, I am making inroads on the weeds, but will take forever.  We are having unseasonably warm weather, at least 80 today!!! Figured I will do one load of weeds in the wagon a day, may take forever, but will not kill me !!!!  hahaha.... just seems like it is taking forever to get any stamina back or the 'will' to want to exert myself in any way.... that is probably closer to the truth... but those weeds are right out in the sun, who wants to do them after the sun goes down, I got all hot and sweaty, that was enough for me, then inside with tea and a good book for a nice quiet rest, with NO TV....
Need to mow again.... the list goes on and on....
At least had my sewing machine serviced, don't think I had ever had that done, not that I use it that much, but it is over 40 years old as the quilt store was quick to point out to me.... and it did not need to be fixed, just had the buttonhole knob on!!! I did not even know it made buttonholes!!! ha!!! So now have no excuse to NOT be doing something with it, have all sorts of 'projects' lined up waiting for me to get the 'will' and the machine to work..... so am off to do that.
I so miss my friend and having someone to talk with all day long..... that was a fun thing to be able to do... oh, well, those special times can't last I guess or they would no longer be deemed as 'special'
Take Care All and God Bless.. we are just going by here, day by day, seeing what happens or shows up or needs tending to......

Monday, May 1, 2017

You know ....

All my pictures are on the phone and somehow they no longer show up on blogger why is that anyway???
Spring is here, but hard to know, there is still snow in the Cascades, sometimes on a daily basis.  But I have blooming things in the yard!!! So very happy about that and there were very beautiful tulips in downtown Redmond today.
My bestest friend from Iowa is here and we have been busy trying to DO things.  Today went to Soup to Nuts in Redmond for some of the best ever soup and home made bread n LOTS of butter, yumm!!! Then to Prineville, to see what there is to see and found some cute little stores, with shabby chic stuff in them.  Then the drive home, thru the Crooked River area, very pretty and very green!!!!
We have DONE Sisters, Stitchin Post, lunch with my niece at Snow Cap, good burgers. yesterday was my nieces daughter's birthday, 5 years old, wow, time goes!!! Went to a LulaRoe pop-up, lots of clothes, lots of women all crammed into a double garage  :)
Have been to see "Gifted" great show, we both cried all the way thru it!!!
Antique stores in Redmond. Downtown Bend and Old Mill Dist... so many stores, so little time.... Watching many TV shows, driving around trying to find Pokémon (don't ask, I don't understand)
Talk and talk and talk...
Dinner for my Birthday!!! on the 19th and then dinner again on 29th with Brian again...
dogs in and out, that seems to be a constant in my life!!!!
Went to a couple estate sales and a huge garage sale in Culver and to Madras to see brother and SIL.
Just driving about and showing Carol all of the places she remembers and how things have grown and expanded.  She keep saying ' I just don't know where I am?  Where is this?'
We have had a great time and now there is only ONE day left.  We have to be grateful for all of the time we DO have to get to spend together and not despair over all of the time that we can't see one another. It would just be so very wonderful to live close to one another all of the time.
Take Care and God Bless all and Bless and care for my friend......

Friday, April 21, 2017

Sunny Day

More stuff from the backyard..
Made my 'puffy pancake' (or dutch baby) today and left out the milk, it was horrid!!! No one would eat it... Did not PUFF. And was heavy, just dropped like lead to the stomach!! What will I do next???
Swiss steak tonight was good, and ruebens I made yesterday turned out ok, but geez, to leave out the just about most important thing, I don't know.
Friend from Iowa is visiting me for my 70th b'day, on the 19th, yes, I am that old, who knew that would happen??? We are having a good time, tho, looking around at things and talking, talking, talking.
I don't have much insight into reaching this advanced age... just do one day at a time and try to keep the topside upright.
Hope everyone is happy and healthy, Take Care and God bless
Oh.... it was a beautiful, sunny day today...

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mom's Lentin Rose!!

I show this every year, it is a start from what my mom had in her yard... It is the 1st thing that blooms in the Spring.
I always remember her and her wonderful yard and am so very glad that I have something of hers in my yard.

This year there are more blooms than ever and the leaves really grew a lot too, the plant is much, much bigger than last year.  Just looks a lot healthier..

Would have made the pics bigger but blogger does not seem to be working and would not let me enlarge :(

Take Care All and God Bless, have a Blessed Easter............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Ankle update

These two pics were from a couple weeks ago, am really slow about getting things downloaded. Noticed have not had any pics on the blog for a time and it was time to look at the old camera.

Have been spending all of my time cleaning.  Friend from Iowa is coming for a visit and my house, since I have done virtually NOTHING all Winter, is a mess and not fit for anyone to see except for me. But, you know it feels good to have cleanliness all about me.... have not started on the yard, except for small things here and there, when I could bend over while walking about looking at things.... it is truly a sobering thing when your laziness hits you right between the eyes!!!!
AND you know, one thing leads to another in cleaning and takes longer than you think it will after you get elbow deep into things.  I like doilies about, under lamps and hanging on shelves, and those had to be removed when dusting and just shaking them out did not work, had to actually WASH then bleach them out, dry them, then iron.  Some things moved, to other places, or gotten rid of, yes, I actually got rid of some things.!!  Paper is in abundance, I thought this was a paperless system?  Then magazines.  I had quilting mags from 2007!!! My goodness. Found a place for them. And the hospital was happy to get new magazines and National Geographics to place in the waiting room.  There is a place for things that just don't need to be in MY house!!! You can recycle, re-use.

The doc apt for the ankle was put off for almost 2 weeks past when I should have gotten in. But they were on Spring break, then the doc had surgeries that came up, guess people are still falling and breaking limbs!!  BUT x-rays were good, nothing they were alarmed with.  OUT of the boot, don't even need a brace! But should have the ace bandage on still.  Have to have shoes that are not too tight, so into the Keens and my cute little shoes and sandals will have to wait for awhile.  Every day gets better as far as the feeling in the foot goes, still have sort of 'pins n needles' sensation and some shooting nerves now and again.  Unsteady on the feet as not used to walking 'normally' I guess.  BUT just so very thankful that all went well and things are healing and I am weight bearing and walking about!!!! Notice if on my feet for too long a time will swell up some and get tired still. But can go back to normal living and to the gym/yoga if I so desire :)  hahahaha  Which I really need to do, I know, I know..... (niece has been after me about this and DO need to heed her!!)

Got new back end brakes and tires all around for the car....OUCH!!!! But now I feel safe :)

Life goes....

Take Care and God Bless