Saturday, July 13, 2019

Quilt Show

This little girl was selling, fabric dog bones and water!!

Thought this was neat, lots of left over material?

And this one was just beautiful and king size too..

Oh, i am excited!!! Just figured out how to get verbiage in between pics when transferring them from my phone....and how to use the spell check!!! COOL!!!

Just thought the doxie quilt was special, it was on the City Hall..  It was a nice day, windy, which cools the sweat on your brow,  was in the 80's, and then the sun beats own on all the pavement, all traffic was diverted around Sisters, and was backed up forever!!! BUT my niece has already shown me an easy way to get to their house a back way and NOT have to go into town at all.  Parked at her house, then walked to Stitchin Post.. only about 6 blocks?? i think... which is doable.  Downtown is blocked so everyone can walk up and down the streets, with no traffic, which is cool.  I remember in years past having to dodge traffic and backing up to get pics, you had to be sure to NOT step into traffic.  even tho it is going at a snails pace, you still don't want to step into the road when there are cars there!!!!
The 2nd picture is the end of the Stitchin Post and features quilts made by employees...
Lots was going in there, there were people sitting out there wares for sale, like a woman had beautiful wooden boxes.  The library was having a book sale, everyone trying to get a piece of the pie  :)

Take Care All and God Bless

Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Entrance from the  East

Not much to say, just wanted to add some 'other' pictures that are not as great but that are more of the dry areas went thru

This dead tree has been there forever, at Green Ridge... don't know why it does not fall over as is dead as can be, but bet it is home for many

These always look like trash at the side of the road and really have to pay attention to realize they are flowers!!!

And these, what in the world? Wonder if they ever bloom into anything or if this is all there is? Pretty in their own way...

Take Care and God Bless

Saturday, July 6, 2019


 Took a drive to Green Ridge, past Sisters and Eastern side of Black Butte.  There is a fire lookout there.. It sort of hangs out over a very high cliff!! Have been going there for years.  Carol H you may remember, took  u there a couple times, BUT back then there were HUGE trees all along the roadway down to the lookout,  There has been a fire in there, it has been a number of years since i have been there, but all of the undergrowth has returned. So you get all of these great views all along the road.  Used to be you had to go right out to the lookout to get great views.  And it is sort of a good thing, as today the gate was closed and a sign that a ranger was on duty and no access beyond the gate... BUT i went in anyway.... little lawbreaker that i am.  And about 10 minutes into my walk (takes awhile when you are soaking in the solitude and trying to take pictures of ALL the flowers!!) A couple came up behind me, and they just waltzed right on down to the lookout, i did hang back a certain way and did get all of my pictures.  You could see the very north view of 3 Sisters, Mt Washington, 3 fingered Jack and Hogback. And of course Mt Jefferson is  like just sitting right there in front of you!!   It was truly beautiful, especially if you don't dwell on the wonderful huge trees that were lost.

I had to keep a sharp lookout and was stopping alot to get all the different kinds of wildflowers, and these are ALL wildflowers!!

Mt Jefferson

I discovered and did you know that you can take a pic with your phone and there is an icon at the bottom that is google and it will tell you what the name of the flower is!!!!  It was SO exciting...

these were all taken with my little point n shoot camera.

also i got closeups with the phone but could not figure out how to keep that feature on, it would b there, for a nano-second and be gone!!! frustrating...

 Lovely, lovely pine trees a little further down.

When coming off the Green Ridge road instead of heading back to Sisters, you can  turn left and go down the mountains and come out at the Cove State Park.. (which is closer to Madras) as you get closer to the park and still up on the plateau there were now all kinds of homes, and ranches... one place had huge iron gates, must be something important down there, it was between two huge escarpments, would be a cool place to have but no view of the mountains..

There has also been a fire in there too... it is really, really sad to see, but it is natures way..  most all of these fires are by lightening.

Yes these were just along side the road and wild!!!

 The Cove is a build up behind Pelton dam on the Deschutes river, the Deschutes, Crooked River and Metolius all meet in this area and you can go up each arm a certain ways in a boat... They rent houseboats and there are lots of boating, water skiing.  And parking is at a premium.. there were police down there giving parking tickets to a whole string of cars parked alongside the road where apparently they were not supposed to be..
The road is good, a lot better than in past years, but still terribly steep and twisty..
I remember camping here once with the family, i was still in grade school, so in the 50's, no dam, and it was twice as far down and there were large meadows with huge poplar trees and the river flowed really fast over many rocks, it was really nice....

Take Care all and God Bless

Friday, July 5, 2019

Ancient Trees

 You know there alot of people who do not like juniper trees, if so, why do they chose to live here?
Mom always said this  and the Holy land are the only places that these specific grow.  Always made me feel good.
We would go out just before Xmas and get pieces of the trees, with LOTS of berries on them and bring into the house.  It always evokes a feeling and smell of Xmas to me.  It is  strong, that smell.  You REALLY have to like it. Used to send some to friends in Iowa at XMAS and she finally told me to NOT send it, as it smelled up the whole house for weeks after!!! Wellllllll, that IS the point....
Altho i do have to say that one year mom decided to cut a smaller tree and bring in the house to decorate and it WAS a bit much. and she did finally agree......
On the brochure  for her memorial service i placed a stately Juniper tree... she would have liked that.

And nothing smells better after a rain...

And when we lived in the Valley and were over here visiting, after the mildew and musty smell of there it we could always tell when we got the Central Oregon by the spicy smell of the Juniper tree...
When we were selling the farm out O'Neil Way in Redmond in the mid 60's one group of potential buyers would not even drive all the way out to look the place over as it smelled too much of 'gin'!!
(we lived a mile off the paved road on a ditch road)

 Many of these trees grown right out of pile of rocks... have even seen them with branches leaning on a rock..

BLM does treat them as weeds tho and thins
them out regularly.

And for firewood, some people don't like as it still leaves that smell of juniper in the smoke as it is burning...

Have also heard that they seed only after being eaten by a bird then getting pooped out... such a story,  You will regularly see them growing along a fence line.  You can tell where fence lines used to be by a straight line of juniper trees.

 they have knots and holes in them, sometimes they will be hollow... still growing..
branches on the ground half broken off and still growing,,,,
They are nothing if not persistent....

I do love going for drives tho and seeing all the different configurations,  liked driving about in Arizona and the saguaros too! THOSE had lots of twist and bends and made some really funny different cacti....

This tree looks as if it has been struck by lightening and it is still growing and living even with a branch down on the ground, the whole thing is not yet dead.... still surviving...

Aren't they lovely tho?

They don't like LOTS of water it seems and you can see them sitting in watered/irrigated fields and turning brown or dead...

Take Care and God Bless

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Blooming desert

Went East of Bend  to a trailhead (nope, don't remember the name, need to take pictures of these)
There had been an article in the paper about the flowers blooming after the rains we have had, so had to go see them.  as did not get to see the SUPERbloom in California...

 And we had a pretty good showing i thought.  Took Luci with me...  and that did not work out so great as it was too hot for her and she is right next to the ground, she started panting really hard and stumbled a couple times, thought she had stickers in her feet, so picked her up, no stickers. BUT had probably gone 1/4 mile and had to carry her back.. good thing she only weighs 17#!!
Am going to split these pictures into trees and flowers and then there is a huge dandelion thing that got some fair pics of, so i have something for a couple days of blogs, and do not get any one too horribly long.... I took the ancient tree turn off, and there were soooo many great juniper trees!!!! growing right out of rocks! Such stories they could tell... An article a couple years ago said there were trees out there that are over 400 years old....

 So many different kinds of flowers, and it made the floor of the desert all purple of yellow, with splotches of white here and there...

 These flowers were especially sweet..

Luci was really glad to get back in the air conditioned car.  Don't know what i was thinking really, but did not seem that warm out there to me.  She stopped with the heavy panting after a couple of minutes of being held and was very content to let me do all the walking..

There was all of that stupid cheet grass too, was afraid it would get in her ears or toes...

Can you sort of see the purple there? flowers!!!  It was much more vivid in person, the camera does not pick it up very good, i just have a little point and shot.. it does pretty good for what i use it for, but there are times when i wish i could get really,, really close and still be in focus or like this where the depth of field could get to be better...
It was a good outing even tho it did not last very long... Will have to go back for more tree pictures w/o the dog or on a cooler/cold day.
There were about 10 cars parked there and two different ones were breaking out lawn chairs and one was even cooking lunch... Don't know, think i could have found a better place that in the middle of no where in a dusty rocky parking lot.... oh well, to each their own.
People were very friendly, wishing a good day when meeting on the trail, it was nice..
Take Care and God Bless

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Not Much....

Yep, not much going on...
we have had some lovely rains here in the desert... always nice to see things blooming and green this time of year.... have had doc appt, and been crocheting again, reading.. mysteries by Ruth Ware.. think she has only written 4 so far, all are good, interesting way of writing and getting all the twists and turns in.... everyone in good health... Brian working 10-13 hour days 5 days a week, all he does is sleep all week end! They are having a big push to get a park done by the 4th and then they have houses in the Tour of Homes that need to get done by the mid July....
Been making cards with the cool new stamping sets in the new catalog.... it has been fun...
Take Care all and God Bless

Saturday, June 29, 2019

a sunday ride

Took these pictures off my phone and apparently i can't insert text in between them as normal.
1st picture is 3 Sisters at Tumalo Res  we had a good drive, my friend Carol G and me...and ended up in Sisters... this was a couple week ends ago i believe... went out shevlin road to see all the building, swear, i don't know what all of these people do around here. then past Tumalo Res... turned into a rock road, then dirt road.  My philosophy is to just keep going in the same direction of where u think things should b and eventually u will end up someplace you want to be... haha, usually works and we ended up near Sisters so went into Sisters and to the new round-about.  Brian did the irrigation installation and landscaping, the pic above the flowers... even insertion of the boulders, NOT the pillars or the artwork, there is a large bronze elk and antelope.... looks pretty good to me.....
the flowers are my honeysuckle, which smells heavenly and has ALL kinds of blooms this year... this was tken at dusk and the flash worked... making it look sort of other worldly and black background..
Not much going on...  just your normal stuff, clean house, dog in and out, mow lawn, water lawn and plnts which are doing really well with all the rain and cool weather, not dry at all,  even have more new little grassies that i put in the back yard... have an on going battle with ants, and mushrooms!!! which all keep me bust  hahaha
the wheel fell off lawn mower so had to get that fixed and lawn grew for two weeks and that makes for a heavy mow when i was able to get back to it!!!
Had a car issue a noise that Les Schwab appeared not able to diagnose so took to Honda and they took care of me and quoted about 150 less than Schwab for shocks and alignment so had that done.. and it was way more than i want to spend on something that is not travel or pretty, but needed/had to be done..... i guess......
Been reading and not doing any crochet.. made a bunch of cards, don't know who all will get them, but decided i got all these new papers and dies and satmps so HAD to use them....
pick up stuff, put it down, throw some in a sack to take to to goodwill and DO NOT again look in the sack ... u know... to make sure.... if the decision is made to put in there , whatever it is, just stays in there.... but i do , do alot of picking up, looking, remembering, putting back in a different place.. don't know what that accomplishes but makes me think i have done something
Take Care and God Bless