Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall is a coming!!

Boy this week sure has changed as far as weather and the scenery, really looks like Fall is coming on strong, leaves turning, cold nights, not just cool, but downright cold. Yes, i am a weenie and the heat is on!!! The doglets LOVE laying in front of the heater and it is a stiff competition to see who wins the bed right in front.  Luci even took to laying right on the wood floor to get closer than Carl could, while he was in the bed, :)
 Have been doing clean-up in the yard.  the neighbors have been harvesting produce from their gardens, (they have a fence!! so they have produce) RV's are scurrying hither and yon on the blogs and can see them going South on Hwy 97....
It is a time of change and laying in for the Winter months to come.
Wal-Mart and other stores have Fall and Halloween things displaying, all the warmer colors of Fall in the burgundy (big color this year) golds, yellows, browns.. It is a beautiful time of the year...
Just went to the Fall/Winter Cabi roll out of the new styles and it was a beautiful collection... was hampered a bit/somewhat/alot by the costs of getting RV ready for sale and paying for those 6 new tires,  they were nice looking and all and made Bonnie put her best foot forward but did not really enhance my outlook at all!!! Or help my pocketbook or showcase my Fall wardrobe!! Hahahaha
Ah, well, this will pass too and things get better as time passes...
Have had my hearing aides for almost a week now, and have noticed all sorts of weirdness, but that is why he did not really fine tune them and have another apt the end of the week, to go in and complain and them 'fix' or fine tune things, hopefully, sounds like I am talking in a tunnel most of the time and can hear myself chew, very distracting and do NOT like that at all.... BUT when at the Cabi party with all the talking here and there, normally I would not be able to hear a thing, and I could hear most all conversations!!! Whether that is good or bad we shall see  :) but it is a big difference.  He said that some people just don't like all the sound coming at them and stop wearing them, hope I am not like that, I can even sit in my chair in the living room and hear if the water is boiling on the stove in the kitchen.  Well, I don't have that big a house!!!! BUT could not do that before, was continually jumping up to go check on things.... see if things were done or not, now I can hear, do you think everyone is like that?  wonder how long it has been this way?  Just gradually goes away and we don't notice.  AND the car, goodness, you can hear all manner of things going on!! Wind coming in the window, the tires on the pavement, the rattle in the back!!! Can hear Luci whining in the bedroom, in the past, that was only something Brian heard, no wonder he was mad and upset with her most all the time!!!  HA!!
Yesterday was nail day, today is hair day....
Take Care and God Bless

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Love, Love, Love

Truly love, love when the rabbit brush blooms, so Fall.. BUT it does seem that normally it does not do this until the end of Sept, beginning of Oct and here it is already doing it, some is even 'over the hill' and not so bright as per normal.  think because it is SO very dry this year... basically NO measurable rain since June...
But there are so many places to get good pictures and bunches of the brush...
Oh and not sure what this little 'house' is,  a school bus stop or supposed to be an outhouse as decoration, hard to tell... but is on the way to where I go for stamping meeting and go past it all the time and decided it was time to stop and get a pic with the blooming brush!!!

Take Care All and God Bless!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Going.... Going.....

Bonnie Bounder is home... and it fit right in the space too!!  Neighbor backed it in for me, like it belonged there!!!
I have been cleaning and getting it ready for selling, trying to get things working  :(

It takes up a fair amount of space and looks like a great wall between me and the neighbor...

 Here is Dave and Jason, friends from Calif that are taking it back down there, then selling it.  Dave has connections!!! And knows how to do just about everything,  He was here only 4 hours and had everything up and working, things that I had struggled with and had no idea how to get working!! He had all lights, headlights, brake lights working just by cleaning connections, the water working and filled, I had left the drain cap off the water heater after we had drained it for the winter!! Fixed a leak... I had already gotten 6 new tires and 3 batteries... He fixed the electrical hookup connection in the service bay.  Fixed the generator by adjusting the choke, I guess was all that was needed and it was running like a champ!! The roof AC was on and working well, Too well, actually :) Windshield wipers replaced, after I had gone to two 3 different stores, gotten the wrong ones, one store had them priced double what I ended up paying for them!!! See, everything and I mean everything was a big hassle for me and a big, huge deal to get fixed and running as it should be.  Basement doors would not open at all or were really hard to get open, fixed!!! The steps would not do as they were supposed to, the sensor needed to be fixed so it stayed in one place and did not keep falling off the wall :) Water heater worked and they had hot water, tank filled up. Frig was working, propane was on and worked well.  ALL these things were little things, that needed a tweek here and there, that I did not know how to do!!! AND there were many other little things here and there the magic touch by these guys that have TONS of knowledge and know how to do what needed to be done!!! So very happy and grateful that I know them and they know me and are willing to help, it goes way beyond thankful!!!!

  The roof stills needs coating and some tweeks on the water system, but that is all things he can do in his shop once he gets home.   The furnace was up and running.  They spent the night in it last night and were really comfortable they said...
    I had fixed some zuchinni bread which I shared with them, they were going to stop at Mac's for some breakfast and they were on their way!!!
Big tires rolling!!!

Talking over things I guess  :)

Here they are pulling out

Almost gone...............

Rounding the first corner on the long trip to new home...  Then out of sight....

Now this just raises all sorts of 'issues' for me... longing for new adventures, things in the past... I so wanted to do this, but I DID do it for 7 months, and also had a beach trip, and trip to Monterey with family was wonderful, everything was wonderful and I need to look to the future and new, different things and ways of having adventures and meeting new friends....
Bonnie sat there, in Madras in a field for 5 years!!!... I would spend time in it off and on, to get away from the house or for the holidays, it was a good apartment for some of us to stay in for a night or two, fun even... But that is not what they are for and she should be used, and I lost my need to go or wanting to, do not have the access to money to travel like that and leave everything behind, what with the expenses now of a house to care for, ( something I chose to do and want and have wanted for some time, my own place) so it is a trade off, one for the other I guess, one I want more than the other.  A feeling of settling in and being in MY place and time.  And Bonnie can have a new adventure.
 I also did not know that much about the upkeep or fixing of things, not that terribly 'handy' or knowledgable, no matter how much I read about how to DO things, it just was not enough to be able to FIX and continue to fix and pay for things that went wrong and needed upkeep, so no matter how much I can sit here and justify and remember the good times, things change, this is one of them.. She will go to a new home, hopefully with someone better qualified to care for her. 
AND I have my memories..... and a great blog to book that I read about my Florida adventure about every six months and I am happy, I DID something at one time!!!!!! Lived the dream, did not sit and talk about it, actually DID it for a while and now I am on to more, better, different, lovely things...

Take Care All and God Bless  (God Bless Dave for all the help and encouragement)

We did all four go out for a great dinner last night and had great drinks and conversation at Diego's in Redmond.... FUN!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Not so warm...

All the sunflowers got decimated by the DEER!!  Neighbor says there is a large buck and he wipes his antlers on them and they break and fall down, was disappointed they did not last longer, were just in the prime too!!  Oh well.... What can you do?
Weather has turned, into sweaters and sitting here with winter slippers on and hoodie!!!  Ha! Suppose I will survive, and am NOT going to complain as it was not too long ago I was sweating if I even moved!!! Today is pay day and bill day...  :( Went to Costco, out of TP and laundry soap was on sale, $4.50 off, such a deal..... Long week end ahead, was going to go to state fair as Credence Clearwater is playing, but it just seemed like too many moving parts and too hard to make the plans... so brother going to get me a t-shirt!!!  such a deal!!
Am reading Girl on the Train by Paula Hankins and half way thru and I am just not getting into it!!! Don't know why, it is really hard for me to tell right off which character is doing the talking and it keeps switching back and forth.... But it is keeping me involved, so guess that is a good thing.
Signed up for Redmond community concert series, which starts in Oct and runs once a month thru march with some good artists to look forward to.  Mom used to always take me to them (the concerts) and friend Tanya and I are going, should be fun.. something different. And the Voertbergs are having a Christmas concert this year again, looking forward to going to that, they are such a good really large family from Washington, that sings and plays all sorts of different instruments, but noteably violins that they have won contests with, they are really good, Mom even sings a song or two and she is wonderful!
Well, need to go start dinner Take Care All!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beauteous Week end

Got the outside of RV washed and moved it to Redmond, neighbor is going to help get it in the driveway so I can hook up elec and vacuum inside.  do water thing, water pump inside was not working but now it is, why one time and not another, who knows? Drove good to get here.
Yesterday I went to Saturday mkt at NW Crossing, Art at the Old Mill, I swear some of that stuff was like a nightmare.  But all in all very beautiful things. /then /Saturday mkt in downtown Bend.  Saw nothing there of interest, well everything interesting but not enough to cart home :)
At NW Crossing got a crossant with spinach and feta, it was very good and these HUGE raspberries, they were very good too!!Then home and have bee putzing around for ever, going from on thing to another.  Next week is Sept 1st, can a person even believe that!!??? I can't, time has a way of motoring on by.
Next week hearing aides should be here, and have appts for personal care, nails and such... so nothing very exciting, but exciting that I have STUFF to look forward to :) Then 2nd Tuesday coming up where I go to high school reunion gathering at local pizza place, the salad bar, I always feel so OLD doing that, HA!!! with all of my white haired classmates... how in the world did that happen? Then 2ns Saturday is stampin up workshop and always have a good, fun, learning time there.
Well, going to take another load of laundry out, today is SHEET day,, always hate making a bed, don't know why, not too bad tearing it apart, but such a chore getting it all back together..
Take Care All and God Bless

GREAT Fall weather we are having.... warmish, but cool, cool nights

Saturday, August 20, 2016


WELL... I failed my new intro check-up with primary care doctor in the hearing category  :( Met with her on Wed and the audiology guy, who was very nice and he said I was 'a very good looking woman' !!! no one has ever told me that before, sort of set me aback.... it was in the context that I did not want some old huge thing sticking out my ear, I think in any case I would not like that!!!  But they have so very many alternatives to that anymore, it is ok... So this week end I am 'trying' some aides out.... and it is really startling.. 1st thing was I turned the tv down from a sound setting of 52 to 30!!! And can hear all manner of things being said.  going to the movie today to see if that is better too, as I am always saying what? what? what did they say???   maybe, just maybe I will be able to hear everything all by myself, do you think??? We get so used to compensating for our defincincies (sp) that do not notice a change, until there is something drastic that helps..... it sort of makes me feel old, but then again I think if this makes things easier for me, and I am not in the dark or outside the loop so much of the time, one might say.. I think it is an ok thing.  AND of course Medicare, so then insurance does not pay for these, just like vision, apparently, as we age we no longer need to see or hear to go about our lives...!!!!! BUT they have a payment plan, so convenient of them, don't u think???  hahaha
So am entering a big new world... it is sort of like when I had cataracts removed and was able to see!!! things I never knew were there before... geez..... miracle.......
Take Care All and God Bless
Taking one day at a time and ever moving forward

Sunday, August 14, 2016

a 'little' trip

Friend Carol G. is housesitting in Salem.  so I went over to spend a couple days with her and maybe visit some people that I want to keep in touch with...... WELL  best laid plans.....
First thing I left my camera at home, I NEVER do that!!! felt like I was really missing something. then stopped at a rest area outside Salem that I always stop at and dropped my phone in the toilet,  good thin is it is NOT a pit toilet! but still..... was in my back pocket, which I never do.... why did I do that?  wellllllll, it still worked, thought I had dodged a bullet, but lo and behold it would not charge..... the only way it will work is on a standing charger thingy, have to go tomorrow and get a new phone, I have insurance, so maybe just use that feature, don't know, but I do NOT want to lose all my contacts, pictures and calendar..... :(  am not happy and feel so lost without it, what did we ever do without them??? I am finding out.....
Friend Nora, has moved back to the beach, so she was not in Portland, was having lots of company for the week end, so a drive over visit was not going to work.  So will plan a visit for next month.  We went to Lincoln City for the day, what a mistake!!! SO much horrid traffic, took like half an hour after hit Lincoln City to get to the beach or access to beach, traffic was slow, traffic lights were not working, fun, fun.. But finally got there and did a short walk and sit, was nice, shirt sleeve weather, but foggy.  of course, no pictures......
THEN was not aware that if you sit in the car with the lights on, radio going and trying to charge a phone (did a drive thru due to dogs with us and can't leave them in the hot car) the battery takes just NO time at all to drain!!!! Kudos to the great guys at Newport Oil Can Henry's for coming to our rescue, jumping the car then checking to make sure it was charging ok. There are GREAT people out there willing to be helpful for no charge!!!
We drove to Newport to see more beach and did not want to get back into that long line going back to Salem out of Lincoln City...
Did no shopping, dogs in car, the whole week end!!!! Watched Olympics, read, made some cards, cut things out with die cuts.... may not sound exciting but we had a good time, and talked the whole time, don't know about what, but there was a continual dialog!!!!   :)
These people have a great home, very simple really, older home, no master bath, but two sitting areas, huge deck with a cover and comfortable chairs, enclosed back yard that no one can see into, everything has really nice finishes... and they have a refrigerator to die for, really, one of those that open doors right and left and a drawer and all of these cool drawers for different things to go into.. don't know if it would fit in my house, the whole kitchen would be refrigerator!!!!  But it is really nice!!! She is after my own heart as every wall is covered with bookcases or dressers, chairs, no empty spaces.
Had a good time
Think this is the 1st time this year have been over the Santiam, strange, then came back over Mt Hood, they changed signs, no longer says to Mt Hood but to Estacada, and have to know that is the way to Mt Hood!!!!  Ha, had to correct and go back around, and then there was a new exit.. knew when I got to Clackamas Town Ctr I had gone too far.
Oh and the Navy friend I looked up on GPS and found her house, was not home.  then when I went thru Madras stopped to see brother and they were not home.... geez, see, what a trip..... don't try to surprise people... the surprise was for me!!!!!
So am back home, watered, been to grocery store, got the kitchen cleaned and laundry (oh and I left my dirty clothes there, so friend, Carol, has to cart those home for me) in process.....  it was just one disaster after another and my problem solving skills  were lacking or NOT there!!!!

Take Care All & God Bless