Sunday, January 12, 2020


I found this, a year or so ago in a bin in the shed... not finished. what ever comes over a person to just leave something and not finish it?  I don't even have the directions anymore and took me a couple hours to  feel around and count stitches and figure out how it goes together, so i can finish, need 5 more squares and then go around a couple times.... it is a baby blanket... just hope i have enough yarn, cuz i know i will NOT b able to duplicate it...  and just LOVE Google... forgot how to do popcorn stitch, was just not coming out right, the way i thought it should go.  Well just googled 'popcorn crochet stitch' and bingo, there it was, even a video!!! and sure enough i had been doing it wrong....
the hip is doing well, soreness in the groin area and where the incision was.... my steri strips all fell off and it looks good, or ok or whatever....  am doing my exercises, walking daily.. was bitter cold wind out there today.  i even drove to starbucks saturday afternoon, as wanted to see how it would be, and went well, just sitting there and foot movement from gas to brake were all fine, as they should be, the  kicker is getting in and out... and then if i need to walk any distance, that would be a challenge.. but think by week after this coming  week i can get myself to the doc appt here in redmond and to get hair done, just down the street.  got my handicap permit, so will be able to park near a door at least and hobble my way in....
Take Care all and God Bless

Thursday, January 2, 2020


I have advanced to a cane!!!! Am SO excited... still wobbly, but doing OK... It is so much more freeing... even went for a walk with the rehab guy.. Sooooo apparently i am ahead of the curve and doing great.. This is very exciting news...
Next doc appt is the 20th..
Went outside today and sat for awhile in the backyard. Luci loved it and was just nosing all around the yard.. Can't imagine there is anything out there to sniff at but she sure thinks there is! Have alot of little limbs/twigs and some larger limbs out there. So does not look to good, but it was refreshing, partly cloudy and 47 out there right now... (5:20p)

Take Care and God Bless ALL

Sunday, December 29, 2019


There was a wonderful sunrise yesterday morning, why was i up you might ask??? Don't know... Guess i am just about at my limit of laying about and sleeping.  there is only so long that you can just SIT!!!
Everyday gets better.  Just when i move in odd ways and can't even explain what that might be, just not your 'normal' movement i guess, twist, turn.  Have even gotten up and made a couple meals. Regularly clean the kitchen... standing there does not really hurt, weight bearing.  It is just that i have not been up all that much and feel weak.... am getting the dog out as she needs. sleep is rarely interrupted.  but i have all throw rugs picked up, chairs in close to the table. just have things out of the way of the walker.  can bathe regularly with hardly any probs.
Am trying to walk normally and not limp... and not lean all that much on the walker.
SO... think i am doing remarkably well. I DO need to be walking more, tho, get outside, no matter if it is crunchingly cold or not.

The colors just got more and more intense... you have to be fast tho as it does not really last all that long! This morning and all day, really, it was foggy.
Tomorrow it is Monday, only two more days this year, then a new year... 2020... the 20's again!!! will they be Roaring???
Take Care and God Bless All

Friday, December 27, 2019

Good Times

Went to Sisters, to my niece's for xmas dinner, prime rib!! was SO good.. Nice home, tree, gifts, kids, dogs, talking, cooking, eating
Brother and i had time on our hands and Snapchat to the rescue.. was fun doing them and seeing what comes out. (those are NOT his eyelashes) there was one with santa hats too, but he thought it made him look female... so not showing that one, haha

Had a little trouble trying to get into his high pick-up, but he just grabbed me by the knees and power lifted me up, and it worked and no pain.  Had to clean a path thru the kids room for me to get to bathroom each time as they were having  good time in there playing with all the loot they got, at least they kept it mostly confined to that one room!!

We even had snow sifting down throughout the day, no accumulation tho... but huge flakes, was pretty..

Have been doing really well, i feel... able to easily get up and down from my chair, out of bed, shower (have a shower chair) going for daily walks on the sidewalk along the property.  I even cooked today, something easy, but hey, was on my feet, in the kitchen.. even cleaned out frig of old, icky stuff... and did the kitchen/dishes... so am getting back to where i want to be and am relatively painfree... achy at times, but nothing near what it has been and just feel am getting better day by day....

Take Care all and God Bless

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Doing Well

I love my birds for my tree, have been getting them here and there for years.  Also Hallmark.

I am doing really well, had my check-up w/ doc yesterday, x-rays taken and i am doing really well, the pics looked 'perfect' he said... have not had any pain pills since day before i left 'that place' tylenol seems to do the trick.  I can honestly say there is no pain (except when i may twist a bit the wrong way and i stop doing that real quick and the pain stops) even loping about the living room with weight bearing it is not too bad and gets better and better every day... am encouraged... i don't dread getting up out of the chair.  Have had home health and physical therapy both at the house, i think when you are older, white hair, they are worried about your abilities.  The PT was shocked i was doing so well and moving about and up and down the way i am.  Which is a good thing.

So.... life is looking much better, i am no longer a sad sack and life will go on, maybe not as i want it to or as it was, but it will be that way again...

Take Care All and God Bless  MERRY CHRISTMAS to one and all

(thanks for positive comments and well wishes!!!!!!!)

Friday, December 20, 2019


WELL....  Dec 9th i fell on sidewalk right in front of my front window... and.... broke my right hip
Had surgery on 12-11 about 3p (Wed)
I was convinced to go to rehab on Saturday, which i reluctantly did... BIG mistake.. i felt i could learn something, which i did... movement, up and down stairs with a walker, exercises, showering, in and out of bed...
BUT they were NOT going to let me go!!!! I told them when i went in that i was leaving on Thursday... anytime something came up, i said i was not going to be there that long, leaving thursday.. wed comes and there is a problem getting docs to release me, the primary doc was balking as she had never seen me... well.... duh???!!!! picked a time and said i was leaving thurs at 2p. between shifts..  Primary still not signing off, fax not rec'd, I found out the rehab did send to wrong address.. really? then things just went to hell, i got hysterical, doc said she would NOT sign off on the meds as she had not prescribed, but did on the release finally.. so they were sending the med part to the surgeon.. in the meantime i left against med advice.... i was NOT spending another night there on that horrid bed, with people slamming in and out all night taking vitals, changing my roommate,  food was terrible, over all the people were nice enough, but never got back to you on any ?? you had, you could hear them n the hall way talking and not answering when a bell was rung... and when it was apparant i was not going to stay, their attitude changed.  They kept waving 6 pages of meds i had been taking that if i did not continue there could be dire results.... well looking at them them at home all but one were MY personnal perscriptions i already had at home. (they would not let me keep my pills, had to take ones they supplied) and the one for blood thinner,  shot in abdomen, to negate blood clots.. i called surgeon today re: that today and they said to just take a baby aspirin!!!! So, if it was that cheap and easy to replace, wonder the cost of the shot?
( and that nasty primary care doc, that i had called numerous times, and held off signing off release, said that she did not want any more phone calls re: this issue..... i will NOT be seeing her again, will be seeking a new doc...i had only seen her once as my reg had moved to Texas and that was a meet and greet that they insisted on b4 she would help with a UTI i had in Oct, i subsequently went to immed care and will do so from now on)
It just seems to be a scam for more money from Medicare... that paperwork i ended up with said the stay was for 4 weeks, WHAT???? i had never agreed to that, always said i was leaving on Thursday.. nothing is done on the week end.  u are just sitting there doing nothing, walking the halls, reading, tv. on low as room mate objected....
I have always heard and was scared of going in there, if you do, u never get out....
It is the holidays, i belong with family, with my lovey
i wanted to be among my stuff
Going to go back and read (the Hounds, Steve) he just broke a hip, went straight home and is doing well, i need some good news....
I don't really feel that bad, pain is more a stretching, not even really a throbbing, it is a wonder, you can have a partial hip replace, have 28 staples in your butt and are weight bearing and can get about at all!!!! I mean with the ankle and not being able to step on it at all, the pain went on and on for weeks, i have not had a pain pill other than tylenol for almost 3 days... they had me on oxy and with all on TV- that was scary...
SO... just a word to the wise...... WARNING.....WARNING...... WARNING.....
Friend Tanya came over today and did all of my 'chores', got stuff put away, thrown away, filled up, successfully signed up for delivery of groceries from Fred Meyer, we even went for a walk, OUTSIDE... it was 56 here today... WOW....
So altho i am a hysteria queen and can apparently cry uncontrollable for hours on end i am getting along really well, i feel.... had a good night in my nice, soft, warm, bed with my lovey and life is great right now, slow, but great
Take Care all and God Bless

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lost & Found

Have to tell on myself... Lost my hearing aides (yes, i have them) don't always use them as they are just 'not right' and the guy i got them from is no longer where he was at my medical clinic... so don't quite know how to go about adjustments as a part of the cost.
in any case i lost them, could not find them anywhere, went thru everything, numerous times, called my niece in Calif, she looked all over and could not find them.  called the hotel in San Diego as that is the last place i saw them.  On the floor of the car, on passenger side.  The car went to valet service. while at hotel. They are in a hard case eyeglass case. Called the hotel, very nice place, the people were more than accomadating, they did call me today ( and was able to tell them i found them!!) they were really glad, as they had not found them, duh...
When we got the car back and the case was not on the floor, i just thought they were in one of the many bags.
Looked at my contract and i did have an insurance i was paying for, but it included batteries every month, and since i don't use the aides all the time (yes, i know, i am supposed to) was getting ALL these batteries, so after the 1st year i dropped it..  Great.  Thought maybe my homeowners would pay for it, they had previously paid for a camera i got sea water/sand on...
Fortunately, did not go that far.
I had called my Iowa friend, crying and feeling sorry for myself and this heavy and great loss.  and she said i needed to keep looking (where?) and niece said to check my car.. (why?) i had everything out of there, almost, so did not see the need.  WELL this morning i went out to finish getting things picked up in the car and get the final things in the house. AND the bag i had my swimsuit and cover-up in was shoved under the back seat, and LO and BEHOLD there they were in that bag!!! I have NO recollection at all of putting them in there, why would i do that? one is not associated with the other at all.  but none-the-less, there they were.  I am SO glad... what the HECK???
I really do wonder at times, where my facilities are heading...

Take Care All and God Bless, it is far greater, better, brighter day that what it started out as....